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Why Cyber Security For a Language Service Provider is More Important Than Ever

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Cyber implementation is all around us, like logging into your online profiles, credit card information, banking apps, digital healthcare records, and more. As our lives become more digital, cyber piracy is a growing international issue. Hackers and online pirates tamper and manipulate online details to access our lifestyle and financial vaults. With everything turning to a digital form in this year or the next, cyber security is more important than it’s ever been before. What does cyber security mean for a language service provider? What is the significance of protecting data developed from a language translation company? Today’s blog discusses the importance of cyber security and its use of a translation service provider like Akorbi for your company data. 

Precise Text Translations

If you’ve ever used a smartphone, you have most likely used translation software. Whether it’s looking up the English translation of a word or using an app to translate text to your primary language in another country, translation technology is helpful to all of us. Hackers will use email technology or phone records to send encrypted messages or correctly translated text to your inbox with viruses or malware to defect your online security barriers. These hackers use automation technology to summarize text, which isn’t accurate compared to a human translator. Cyber security warns users of the non-legible text by sending it to spam or using warning alerts before opening. Precise text translations are essential to prevent users from simply downloading harmful software to their computers, thinking it’s something else. 

Medical Services 

The medical industry uses transcription services by taking audio or video content and formatting those words in transcriptions for other health providers. Accuracy is crucial for the medical field to ensure proper dosages and prescriptions for various departments. These recordings are helpful for doctors and the medical staff searching for questions or answers about a particular illness or procedure. Medical transcriptionists carry vital medical records like birth certificates, social security numbers, vaccine information, and more. A hacker can do many things with your medical information, like stealing your identity or learning about your medical diagnosis. They can also put medical providers at significant compliance risks.

Facilitating Information to Programmers About Cyber Attacks

LSPs participate in many digital conversion techniques through ads and online content translated in various languages. Hackers can often shield their intentions like an online invisible cloak, roaming through a sensitive system to place defect bugs. Translators help cyber security personnel to understand foreign language processes for web pages and apps.

Cyber security programmers also use translation technology to share information with other cyber security experts. The best online programmers in the world do not all live in the U.S. Programming is a language in itself. Sharing discoveries, upgrades, or knowledge of data breaches requires language translation services to achieve international communication amongst each other. Without language translation, conveying foreign detections is difficult if programmers fail to understand what they are viewing. Having access to international programmers increases security in government-influenced countries like the U.S. making cyber threat breaches less common. 

LSP File Processing, Storage, and Transfers

There are specific qualifications and requirements to look for before choosing a Language Service Provider (LSP). A proper LSP has specific credentials and certifications and stores information in a way that deters hackers. Akorbi holds several certifications and performs in compliance with health regulators such as HIPAA, ACA, CMS, and more. All of which require developed cyber security forces to prevent intrusions. Understanding your LSP’s standard operations regarding data filing and transfer allows insight into how your information is processed. What happens to your files during the translation? What happens to the info after? Licensed LSP’s that use professional resources instead of free online tools are the way to go for optimal security. It demonstrates credibility and seriousness for their business. 

Understanding Codes and Operating Systems 

Coding is the essence of cyber security. Many viruses develop from programs that require code, so knowledge of common platforms like Python or Javascript allows programmers that advantage. Everything we work with digitally involves some level of coding, especially as a Language Service Provider. To gain the trust of institutions like hospitals, they have to trust their LSP carries an extensive digital firewall or cyber defense to protect their patient’s information. An LSP’s online guard metrics are significant since they tend to accept and share personal information of multiple facilities. 

LSPs and NDAs 

A company trade secret is vital to the integrity and foundation of an organization. If an online hack revealed a company secret like the Coca-Cola formula, it would dismantle the Coke enterprise. Translating documents and online services for big-name companies requires top-notch cyber security measures, and signing an NDA ensures long-standing trust between your company and an LSP. NDAs offer that extra protection and seal of confidence your LSP will uphold to maintain your company secrets at all costs. Even if you do not believe you need to sign an NDA, it is crucial to cover your tracks at all possibilities.

Akorbi Takes The Proper Precautions to Ensure Your Online Information Is Secure

At Akorbi, we take online security seriously. We work with thousands of different companies to understand the value of protecting information beyond developer expectations to hack-proof our walls and online defenses. We maintain and upgrade our systems annually to ensure the safety and trust of our clientele. We are the largest women-owned language service provider in the United States. Contact us online to learn more about our services and qualifications. Let’s change and protect the world together.

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