Humanizing Machine Translation: The Akorbi Approach

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Nov 9

Humanizing Machine Translation: The Akorbi Approach

Ever wondered how we take those complex languages full of life, humor, and emotion and run them through the digital wringer of Machine Translation (MT)? At Akorbi, we’re all about adding a human spark to this high-tech process. Here's a peek at how we make translations feel less like a robot and more like your bilingual best friend.


1. It's All About the Human Vibe

MT's got the brains, but it doesn’t always get the vibe. That’s where we step in. Our team brings a personal touch to techy translations, making sure that every phrase hits home just right. It’s a bit like giving a computer a course in human interaction – and we’re the teachers.


2. Picking the Right Ingredients

Imagine tossing a bunch of random ingredients into a blender and hoping for a delicious, gourmet meal. Doesn't work, right? That's why we're picky about feeding our MT only the good stuff. We sort through the data to find the perfect mix, making sure nothing gets lost in the blender.


3. For the Culture

Words are packed with culture, and we make sure none of that gets lost when jumping from one language to another. Our translators act as cultural guides, helping each word find the right path, so nothing important gets left behind.


4. Keeping It Real

Some folks in the industry dream of MT creating a perfect world of instantaneous understanding. We keep it real. We know tech has its limits, so we mix in a dash of human creativity to fill in the gaps. The result? Translations that sound like they’re from a person, not a machine.


5. The Magic of the Human Touch

At the end of the day, it’s all about people talking to people. Our translators are artists, painting each sentence with a palette of meaning and evoking a feeling that only a human touch can provide. They're the secret ingredient that makes the whole recipe work!

So, that's the scoop on how Akorbi is making MT feel a little more human and a lot more connected. We're jazzed about this showing off our human-touch abilities and we’re inviting you to hop on board. 


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⚡ Co-authored by
Nik Cupps and Rade Bogavac

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