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Sep 28

Akorbi's Strategic Move in Building a State-of-the-Art Multilingual Hub in El Paso

Akorbi, a leading provider of multilingual solutions, knows that diversity is the key to greatness. That's why we've set our sights on El Paso, the perfect city to expand our horizons. Situated on the U.S.-Mexico border, El Paso isn't just a city - it's a vibrant hub bursting with diverse cultures, economic growth, and endless possibilities.

So why did we choose El Paso for our new multilingual customer support hub?

Let's explore the top 5 reasons:

Diverse Population

At Akorbi, we thrive on excellence. And in El Paso, we've found a like-minded collaborator in its diverse population. Just as the city flourishes with a blend of cultures, we flourish with the diverse talents and perspectives that help us master multiple languages. El Paso's workforce, representing the global stage, provides us with invaluable insights into linguistics and culture.

Spanish-Speaking Hub

 As a bilingual city, El Paso is the perfect partner for our specialized language solutions, particularly in Spanish. This advantage gives us a strategic edge in bridging language gaps and connecting businesses with the Spanish-speaking market.

Tremendous Growth Opportunities

El Paso's growth is not only inspiring, but it's also thrilling. Akorbi sees the city's potential as a thriving business center, and our decision to be here reflects our shared desire to grow. El Paso's commitment to economic diversification and innovation perfectly aligns with our goal of propelling businesses forward. As El Paso pushes industries into the future, we're here to ensure language solutions are an essential part of business strategies.

Thriving Tech and Innovation Scene

Success hinges on embracing innovation. In El Paso, we're proud to be part of a flourishing tech and innovation scene that matches our commitment to staying ahead of the game. Just like this vibrant city uses technology to drive its industries, we utilize cutting-edge solutions to catapult businesses to greater heights. Our multilingual center isn't just an office space - it symbolizes our joint dedication to harnessing innovation for the benefit of our clients.

Collaborative Workforce

 The diligent and dedicated workforce in El Paso exemplifies the city's values of hard work and resilience. Akorbi's faith in the capabilities of skilled experts finds a perfect match in El Paso's dedication to excellence. Our multilingual customer support hub goes beyond physical walls; it stands as a symbol of the collaboration between our team and the city's proficient labor force.

Choosing El Paso

Choosing El Paso as the home for our multilingual hub wasn't just a decision, it was a partnership in growth. With its diverse population, Spanish-speaking foundation, incredible growth opportunities, thriving innovation scene, and collaborative workforce, El Paso perfectly aligns with our vision. Together, we're showcasing the potential of language, culture, and business, propelling our clients to unprecedented levels of success. As we embark on this journey, we're proud to be part of El Paso's dynamic landscape and contribute to its ongoing narrative of growth and innovation.

About Akorbi

Akorbi is a group of companies that connects clients through technology, language and workforce solutions. Akorbi’s solutions-oriented technology platforms offer customizable enterprise solutions that eliminate language barriers, improve client outcomes and reduce costs through localization, interpretation and workforce solutions with multilingual customer support (MCS) capabilities.

The company recently invested in a sophisticated, low-code technology platform, RunMyProcess, that provides a fully optimized, end-to-end solution that automates workflows to integrate enterprise business applications to transform digital assets and achieve office automation. One of the largest U.S.-based, woman-owned companies providing multilingual digital transformation solutions that enable companies to succeed in the global economy, Akorbi holds several highly audited certifications, including ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 17100, HUB, and M/WBE. To learn more, please visit Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.

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