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Nov 29

Differences Between Specialized Translation & General Translation

While many translation services require basic knowledge of the language and what is being translated, a more challenging form of translation is specialized translation. In this blog, we will discuss what specialized translation is and how it differs from general translation services.

What Are General Translation Services?

A translator's role is much more intricate than simply converting a sentence from one language to another. It's rare for a text to be worded exactly the same as its original source. Translators must adapt phrases and concepts into understandable subjects in the translated form. General translation, also known as basic translation, usually does not necessitate expert subject knowledge. For translators experienced in both languages, and when the project requires only simple translation, this task isn't overly challenging for professionals in the field.

What Is Specialized Translation?

Specialized translation is a step further than your everyday translation needs. It involves specific areas of expertise such as healthcare, law, or marketing. Specialized translators have mastered the technical jargon in both languages for their respective fields. This type of translation is demanding due to the highly specialized technical information required, in addition to multilingual skills. Translators with this kind of specialized knowledge possess a highly sought-after skill that can greatly benefit clients.

The Importance of Specialized Translation and Risks of Inaccuracies

The significance of specialized translation cannot be overstated. Its importance lies in its ability to convey highly technical and specific information accurately across different languages, ensuring that the essence and nuances of the original content are maintained. When dealing with fields like law, healthcare, or marketing, a mistranslated document can lead to profound consequences - ranging from misunderstandings and lost business opportunities to severe legal implications.

Imagine a scenario where a crucial legal document is mistranslated due to a lack of understanding of the industry-specific terminology. Such an error could potentially result in a lawsuit, causing immense financial and reputational damage. Similarly, in the healthcare sector, an inaccurately translated medical report could lead to incorrect treatment, endangering patient safety.

Therefore, it's critical to employ specialized translators who have an in-depth understanding of the relevant industry and its terminology. Not only will this ensure that the translated content is accurate, but it will also protect against the significant risks associated with mistranslation. Being aware of the potential pitfalls of incorrect translation reinforces the importance of specialized translation services.

Akorbi's Specialization in Translation

Akorbi stands out in the translation industry with its specialized interpretation services. Our team comprises expert interpreters proficient in multi-lingual communication along with possessing deep domain knowledge. Here are some areas where we offer specialized translation:

  • Education: We provide language solutions for educational content translation, making learning accessible across linguistic barriers.
  • Healthcare: Our experts adept in medical terminologies ensure accurate translation of healthcare documents, contributing to global public health.
  • Intellectual Property: We assist in translating patent applications and other intellectual property related documents, preserving the essence of original inventions across languages.
  • Legal Services: Our team proficient in legal jargon offers precise translation services for all types of legal documents.
  • Government: We support government agencies in their communication needs by translating vital documents, maintaining their confidentiality and significance.
  • Mental Health: We offer specialized translation services in the field of mental health, ensuring sensitive information is communicated accurately and empathetically.

And More: This is just a glimpse into the diverse array of specializations that Akorbi offers. We're dedicated to meeting your specific needs by tailoring our services and sourcing linguists with the right expertise for your project. Whether your language solution needs are industry-specific or of a more general nature, we're equipped and ready to deliver exceptional results.

Reach Out to Akorbi for Your Specialized Translation Needs

As businesses expand globally and venture into diverse domestic markets, Akorbi is here to assist clients in meeting their needs. Akorbi's worldwide recruiting network helps identify, recruit, and train multilingual candidates with various skills across all market segments. We will help you broaden your global reach by connecting you with multilingual professionals around the world who can effectively communicate with your target audience. If you're in need of a specialized translator, get in touch with us today. Our team of experts is ready to support your language requirements and deliver high-quality translations tailored to your specific industry and subject matter.

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