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What Languages Should Multilingual Contact Centers Include?

Multilingual contact center

What Language Options Do Multilingual Contact Centers Need?

Multilingual contact centers are becoming more and more important for businesses with international dealings. Akorbi is well known for offering dozens of languages to businesses looking for linguistic help, but most multilingual contact centers will only need to focus on a few specific languages. In today’s blog, Akorbi will take a look at what languages you should be including at your contact center.


Today, there are well over 200 million French-speaking people worldwide, including nearly 100 million native speakers. Another notable aspect of the French language is its roots in modern English, with nearly 50% of modern English words having French roots. This makes it vital for your business to offer French at your multilingual contact centers, making it possible for your business to communicate better with its customers.


There are only five languages in the world that are more natively spoken than Portuguese, making it vital for your business. In today, over 250 million people worldwide speak Portuguese and that number continues to rise as it is one of the fastest-growing languages in Europe. Portuguese is also spoken across many nations, from European countries to nations in South America. If you are catering to an audience in South America or Europe, Portuguese will be vital for your multilingual contact center.

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, narrowly beating out English. It is also the only language in the world to eclipse the one billion mark, with 1.1 billion speakers worldwide. It is also the most natively spoken language in the world with nearly one billion native speakers. If your company has a presence in Asia, and specifically China, you will absolutely have to offer Mandarin Chinese.

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