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Top 5 Questions to Ask Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing has become a regular business practice across the globe. According to Capital Counselor, 24 percent of small businesses outsource certain services to increase their company’s efficiency. For business leaders, It’s critical to ask the right questions when screening potential outsourcing partners. In today’s blog, Akorbi provides the top 5 questions to ask outsourcing companies as your search for the perfect fit.  

1. Can You Give Examples of Past Success Stories?

When selecting the right business process outsourcing (BPO) partner, you will want to make sure the organization you are interviewing has a history of success within your industry, or in a related industry. If the company cannot provide you with previous work that demonstrates its ability to drive results, then it’s a red flag. 

Asking for references is another best practice. When vetting a potential BPO partner, there is no replacement for speaking with past clients and hearing about their experience. If a previous client is satisfied with the outsourcing agency’s work, you can feel confident about moving forward with their candidacy. 

2. What is Your Team’s Expertise? 

Any business process outsourcing company should be able to quickly and effectively communicate their organization’s competitive advantage. Whether it be cutting-edge industry knowledge, advanced tools and internal processes, or another stand-out quality, they should be able to tell you why they’re the best choice. 

If a company cannot effectively communicate what makes them stand apart from their competition, then chances are they aren’t a good fit. 

3. Would You Explain Your Process?

A BPO candidate should be able to clearly walk you through their process for how they intend to drive results. When discussing the process, this is your opportunity to make sure that the BPO providers’ work is able to compliment your department or organization, and not hinder it. Companies that have proven methodologies and clear structures are the most impressive in theory and practice. 

4. How Flexible Can You Be? 

As your organization evolves, high-priority projects or needs are also likely to evolve. Ensure that a potential BPO partner is willing and able to work flexibly with your organization. Be willing to provide specific examples in which a priority could change, and ask how the BPO team would respond in that circumstance. 

5. What is the Transition Plan?  

Let’s say that your company chooses to outsource some work to a particular partner. What’s next? A high-quality BPO provider will have a transition plan (or be ready to formulate a plan) that ensures a successful transition without gaps or disruptions in your organization’s workflow. 

Akorbi Business Process Outsourcing

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