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Tools for Better Over-the-Phone Interpretation

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Even the most trained interpreter can run into issues when speaking to someone over the phone who is mumbling, speaks softly or has a poor connection. This can set up both parties and your business for failure. In today’s blog, Akorbi explores the different tools available to interpreters for greater, more effective communication. 

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With more people traveling and communicating globally, the need for earbuds and headphones that have the ability to interpret has increased. Today, there are several to choose from. They are designed to filter through noise, offer recognition of the human voice, and then language recognition and processing. This all takes place in your ear and can instantly allow you to communicate effectively with the other person. 

A wired microphone system with built-in language channel listening for all participants is an excellent choice for large meetings or conferences. The wireless microphones for the presenters are installed before the event. Multi-channel audio systems designed for conferences allow participants to select their own language on their personal receiver. This offers a more relaxed approach to communication while still allowing people the luxury of understanding an interpretation. 

Apps and Software 

There are dozens of apps out there to help translate language. These can be speech-to-text translations, text-to-text translations, and image capture translations. But translation apps can have limitations.

Software may be a better option for your business. Unified interpretation platforms can interpret over-the-phone appointment scheduling, over-the-phone appointment confirmations, and video remote interpreting sessions. 

When you begin to search for the best tool for your over-the-phone interpretation services, make sure you think about scalability if you have multiple offices and plan to expand. 

Check for adaptability. Can the tool be integrated into easily and for little cost into your existing software and office space? Approach the tool as a long-term investment and not a short-term fix. 

ADAPT Powered by Akorbi

ADAPT powered by Akorbi is a multimodal language services platform. This allows you and your business to connect to different people around the world using phone, video, or computer. Our platform allows you to access interpretation services though multiple modes, such as phone, video, or in-person. Document translation is also available. To take it a step further, you can access reporting and analytical data, allowing you to track spending, savings and engagement metrics. 

With this platform, connections can be made in an instant around the world. 

Contact an Akorbi representative for more information to determine if ADAPT is right for your business. 

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