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Three Viable Remote Language Service Options Amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

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Every day there is news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Major events have been canceled or postponed. Stores are running out of supplies. The list goes on.

Your Business Must Adapt

Your company faces concerns that your employees could come in contact with someone infected with the Coronavirus. Healthcare agencies are feeling the strain by having more visits to doctors’ offices and hospitals, yet they must contain the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible.

Remote interpretation solutions and language services can help, particularly if you serve people that speak foreign languages.

How do you serve multilingual patients who have limited language proficiencies? How do you communicate with people on your staff who are working from home yet don’t know how to speak your language? What if you had to cancel that high-level meeting with a prospective foreign client and you can only meet them remotely? 

Akorbi has the answer.

The Rise of Telehealth and Telemedicine Options

Telehealth and telemedicine options are quickly becoming the norm thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices in our society. Telemedicine lowers the costs for patients while giving them access to health care. 

More than half of all U.S hospitals have a telehealth program. A whopping 90% of healthcare executives say their organizations are developing or already have a telehealth app. Meanwhile, 48 states require insurance companies to cover telehealth visits as part of their health insurance plans. By 2020, the telehealth industry should have an estimated value of $20 billion, and it’s only expected to grow.

Akorbi is part of your ongoing telehealth solutions thanks to our remote language services. We comply with all federal health regulations, including HIPAA, so you can be assured that your patients’ privacy is secure. 

Akorbi is also taking the lead in helping you manage your Coronavirus response as you seek to lessen the spread of this disease.

Managing Coronavirus Concerns Via Remote Options

Akorbi has remote language services that can help you manage the Coronavirus crisis. Meeting remotely, even when you face challenging language barriers, is an option during times of outbreak when bringing in a live interpreter isn’t the safest choice.

1. Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Over-the-phone interpretation occurs when an interpreter does his or her work through a mobile phone connection. This process works well if you have a remote meeting through software that lets you talk to several parties over the phone. You could also use any phone and hold it out for everyone to hear using the speakerphone option. The interpreter works in real-time and provides interpretation between two languages.

2. Video Remote Interpretation

Video remote interpretation has practical uses in a hospital setting, recovery centers, and when you need to meet with remote teams using remote technology. Video remote interpretation happens when an interpreter sits in on a meeting using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The person could also use a laptop computer.  Akorbi works in more than 170 languages, so if you have a meeting with a team in China, India, Germany, Russia, South America, Japan, or anywhere, we can help. 

Limiting your contact with people, while inconvenient, can save lives and keep your staff safe and healthy during this Coronavirus outbreak. Video remote interpretation is a solution to an ongoing and growing problem your company may face. Like over-the-phone interpretation, the interpreter works in real-time.

One significant way video remote interpretation helps healthcare agencies is that you don’t have to worry about scheduling someone in-person. What if bringing an interpreter into your facility risks spreading the Coronavirus? Video remote interpretation maintains better health environments for your staff and patients while delivering effective care. Akorbi has compliant language solutions that follow federal regulations for patient privacy.

3. ADAPT Video Solution

ADAPT Video Solution is your one-stop-shop for over-the-phone interpretation and video remote interpretation. Choose the languages you need, what time you need an interpreter, and schedule your interpretation session.  ADAPT Video Solution also works for remote meetings where everyone speaks the same language. 

It’s as easy as that.

We’ll help you manage the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak while maintaining quality service when you need multilingual support and remote interpretation services.

Contact Akorbi today or call 1-877-4-AKORBI.

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