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The Risk of Neglecting Translation and Interpretation

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What Happens if You Neglect Translation and Interpretation?

Even in some larger companies, you would be surprised to find how little thought is put into translation and interpretation until it’s too late. A number of CEOs or business owners only consider translation and interpretation services following a breakdown in meetings with international clients or partners.

Struggling to understand each others’ language in an important meeting shouldn’t be the first sign of needing translation or interpretation services — it’s something best planned in advance. In this blog, the Akorbi team examines the risks of neglecting to think ahead when it comes to translation and interpretation.

You’ll Fall Behind Your Competition

Plenty of organizations, corporations, and other companies large and small are making the most of translation and interpretation services. If it’s an area you’ve been neglecting, especially if you provide a product or service to a wider or global audience, you risk falling far behind your competition. Not only that, but thanks to how quickly business moves, you’re likely to have a harder time catching up the longer you wait.

Your Processes Could Be Slower and Less Efficient

Internal functioning could also be impacted by not having good translation or interpretation resources in place. If you find yourself struggling with interpreting or translating contracts or documents for clients or other companies, the stress will filter through to your own staff.

Putting the pressure of translating important communications on an untrained member of your staff who happens speak the specific language will only make things worse. As we’ve said in the past, translating and interpreting is more than just substituting words, and putting that pressure on untrained staff won’t help.

You’re Likely to Lose Credibility and Businesses

The damage of neglecting to look into translation and interpretation services isn’t just to your internal processes. Being unable to provide bilingual or multilingual options to customers, clients or partners is going to hurt your reputation. If your company releases unprofessional translated material, clients and competitors will see that you’re failing to cater to a potentially much larger audience, and your image will suffer. You don’t need us to tell you that if your reputation is hurt, so is your business.

Let Akorbi Take Care of Your Translation and Interpretation Needs

If you are reconsidering the importance of planning ahead, then get in touch with Akorbi today. We have been offering professional translation, interpretation and multilingual staffing solutions to clients worldwide for long enough to know it matters. Having adept, professional, multilingual staff on your team, or related resources available to you, is vital to a modern organization — don’t fall behind.

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