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Akorbi Explains the Different Afghan Languages

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Afghanistan is a landlocked country located in the Middle East that has been the subject of many recent news stories. Afghanistan is unique in that it has two official languages, Dari and Pashto, and numerous other languages spoken in various regions throughout the country. There are many different tribes and cultures that make up the vast country, and it is important to remember that when needing translation services for an Afghan language. Akorbi can break down the two main languages of Afghanistan and explain how our language services can help.


Dari is a dialect of Persian (also known as Farsi) and is spoken by about two-thirds of the Afghan population. It is the most widely spoken language in the country and often serves as communication between different cultures who have other first languages. A large portion of the population is multilingual and uses Dari to communicate. Dari uses the Arabic alphabet.

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Pashto is the second most common language in Afghanistan, spoken by about half the population. It is the primary language of the Pashtuns, who are the largest ethnic group in the country. Though it also uses the Arabic alphabet, it is an entirely different language than Dari, and speakers of Pashto and Dari separately will likely not understand each other.

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Akorbi Offers Interpretation Services

Because of the vast differences in the cultural identities of the people of Afghanistan, interpretation services are a must. Akorbi is knowledgeable about Afghanistan’s different languages and dialects and provides many options for in-person, phone, or virtual interpretation.

With the influx of Afghan refugees to the United States, these interpretation services may be more necessary than ever to assist them in their native language.

With our mobile and web app ADAPT, we make it easy to schedule or access interpretation services from anywhere instantly. Our interpreters can assist with medical, legal, educational, or financial translations into both Dari and Pashto.

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Akorbi can assist with any language services. We specialize in building compassionate human connections through language, technology, and workforce solutions. Our worldwide contact centers provide multilingual support, bilingual agents, competitive rates, and exceptional quality. If you need translation or interpretation services, contact Akorbi today or call (214) 256-9222.

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