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Impressive Polyglots Throughout History, Part 1- Akorbi

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If you’ve ever tried to master another language, then you are aware of how incredibly difficult it is to accomplish. Learning just one other language is a feat worth admiring; however, learning multiple languages seems like a superhuman talent. At Akorbi, we believe such talented people deserve to be recognized for their multilingual abilities. These people who are capable of learning and speaking several languages are called polyglots. Though it would be difficult to list all of them, at Akorbi we’ve compiled a list of some of the most impressive polyglots throughout history. Read on to find out more about these incredible people!

Elizabeth I

The great Queen Elizabeth I of England is a giant in the annals of history. For an unmarried woman to successfully rule a country at a time when women were thought of as property was unprecedented. Not only this, but she was also a very gifted linguist. By the age of 11 she spoke six languages. As a royal, it was a given that she would be expected to master English, French, and Latin, but she exceeded expectations and also learned Greek, Spanish, and Welsh. In addition, she was proficient in Gaelic, Flemish, and Italian.

Queen Elizabeth was also impressive in that she chose to use her language skills to translate several important works into English, including works by Cicero, Calvin, and Seneca. These are just a few of the many reasons that Elizabeth I is such a fascinating historical figure.

J.R.R Tolkien

Famous for the beloved tales of Middle Earth, J.R.R Tolkien created a legacy using his love of languages. A key part of the world building in his novels centered around the fact that he wrote entire languages for the different races that coexisted in Middle Earth – the Elves, the Dwarves, and even some of the more sinister characters like the Orcs.

His love of not only learning but also crafting intricate languages is certainly an inspiration to linguists across the globe. While there is obviously a practical purpose behind learning new languages, there should also be creativity and passion that accompanies your choice to learn.

John Bowring

Though some of his contemporaries didn’t agree, John Bowring professed to know 100 languages and to be able to read another 100 as well. He spent a lot of time translating European folk songs into English. He was an accomplished politician and writer in addition to his language acquisition talent.

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Here’s what Akorbi is doing in response to COVID-19. Learn More »