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Language Service Providers and Healthcare Trends for Translation and Interpretation

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Healthcare has made headlines in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical translation and interpretation became a hot-button issue because many patients couldn’t understand their doctor or care team due to limited English proficiency. As such, Akorbi takes a look at healthcare trends in translation and interpretation from language service providers. 

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High Degree of Accuracy

Translation and interpretation in healthcare require a high degree of accuracy. Language service providers must keep up with technological advances and new treatments in the field of medicine science. Plus, workers must have high degrees of accuracy because lives are at stake. That’s why Akorbi hires qualified translation and interpretation service providers who have medicine as their primary specialty, which means they understand medical terminology.

Changing Laws

Healthcare laws continue to evolve, including during the COVID-19 pandemic. Language service providers must keep up with changing laws, emergency orders, masking ordinances, and requirements for remote interpretation services. Akorbi stays on top of these changes, both in terms of the pandemic and the policies set forth by national, state, and local laws.

Quick Response Times

Quick response times are vital when it comes to saving lives. Emergency room doctors and care teams may need to communicate critical information to patients, while they must understand what a patient is saying. Akorbi provides on-call interpretation services whenever you need them on an as-needed basis.

Translation is also important when it comes to medical records. Medical consultations, second opinions, and questions about medication interactions can save lives. Healthcare requires speedy and accurate translation and interpretation services for the best possible outcomes.

Mobile and Online Services

Technology continues to play a vital role in the intersection of the healthcare industry and language service providers. Online services are delivered more and more often as part of telehealth options for providers. Healthcare providers turn to telehealth increasingly to help maintain social distancing and to reduce the strain on hospitals.

Mobile technology allows for remote interpretation services in a hospital room. Not only can we use smartphones, but some systems work with video monitors already in the hospital. Akorbi’s ADAPT platform works with a wide variety of communication devices and technology systems.  

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Translation and Interpretation by Akorbi

Akorbi is one of the top language service providers in the United States. Our staff offers translation and interpretation services in more than 170 languages. Contact Akorbi or call 1-877-4-AKORBI for more details on options for healthcare providers.

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