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Interpretation Services: What Is Bilateral Interpreting?

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There are many types of interpretation services available for businesses, each with a unique set of benefits and challenges. At Akorbi, we offer several of these interpretation services, including things like phone interpretation, video interpretation, and on-site interpretation. However, there are also many types of interpretation styles used within these services, and bilateral interpreting is one of these styles. In today’s blog post, Akorbi will define bilateral interpretation and evaluate its purpose and use.

Defining Bilateral Interpreting

Before looking at the uses and benefits of bilateral interpreting, we have to define it first.  Bilateral interpretation is a type of interpretation that includes an interpreter between two parties. This interpreter works as a mediator between the two parties, translating each group’s speech for the other group. Bilingual interpreters will be asked to regularly switch from one language to the next as they mediate between the two parties.

What Type of Interpretation Is Bilateral Interpreting?

Typically, when bilateral interpreting is employed, consecutive interpretation is the method of choice. Consecutive interpretation is when the speaker gives their speech or statement in their language, and then the interpreter repeats that speech or statement in another language. This is different than simultaneous interpretation, in which the interpreter interprets a speech or presentation simultaneously with the presenter. 

How Is Bilateral Interpreting Used?

Bilateral interpretation services are most notably used in meetings, negotiations, and other conferences that include multiple parties. Of those uses, bilateral interpreting is most beneficial for meetings between multiple parties using different languages. This type of interpretation allows meetings to move smoothly with clear communication. It is also a strong interpreting method for smaller groups of people rather than larger groups. 

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