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What Inbound Services Do Multilingual Contact Centers Provide?

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Contact centers are the heart of many customer and client interactions in business. Many calls, emails and online messages to a business arrive at contact centers first, before agents direct the call to the appropriate business representative. Call centers are often the best way to handle incoming and outgoing interactions, including customer service, technical help desks, as well as enrollment and applications. Read further for more details on what to expect from a multilingual contact center from Akorbi.

Customer Service

Contact centers head up the frontlines of customer service, and this requires skilled individuals to keep up with the complexities of each unique business. Customer service agents must be patient, positive, and knowledgeable, as well as organized, adaptable, and willing. All these qualities make up a strong working culture that provides exceptional customer service.

In a multilingual contact center, agents must also utilize their linguistic talents to provide outstanding customer service to people from all around the world. Whatever inbound issues they may receive, bilingual or multilingual agents provide excellent customer experiences in multiple languages and cultures every day.

Technical Help Desk

Technical help desk personnel monitor computer systems and networks and assist in any technical issues that may arise. From forgotten passwords to payment errors to viruses, help technical desk personnel wear many hats. They work closely with customers and other employees to identify incoming technical problems and find solutions.

In multilingual contact centers, technical help desk agents work to solve tech issues for a variety of clients across the globe. Ideal for global businesses that offer services to clients of all languages and cultures, multilingual contact centers offer exceptional technical expertise worldwide.

Enrollment and Applications

An important part of inbound services, many contact centers also handle enrollments and applications. As inquiries come in, agents work quickly and efficiently to provide the best service with meaningful interactions. With an inbound contact center, the daily influx of applications and inquiries are managed through a mix of call, chat, and email sessions. This streamlined process allows talented agents to multitask, which increases productivity and improves enrollment leads, resulting in a lower cost per inquiry.

Multilingual contact centers offer businesses the ability to reach more applicants than ever, helping them through the enrollment processes in their native language. From document verification to receipts of enrollment, each interaction creates value for applicants and businesses alike.

What Makes Akorbi the Leading Multilingual Contact Center Provider?

At Akorbi, we provide multilingual contact centers and business process output services for a wide range of organizations. We work side by side with you to support business goals and ROI objectives while delivering exceptional customer service. Our agents provide critical multilingual support for businesses every day. Visit the Akorbi website for more details on our French, Haitian, and Portuguese contact centers, or contact us today at 1-877-425-6724.

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