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How to Improve the Speed of Your Interpretation

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Interpretation must be both fast and accurate to deliver relevant results in real-time. Communication needs to be as seamless as possible to ensure everyone in the room understands what’s going on. Today, the team at Akorbi Interpretation Solutions takes a look at how to improve the speed of your interpretation services at an individual level.

Provide Tips to Clients

Contact your clients to give them tips on how to speak when they are at an event that will be translated and interpreted. Suggest they speak in regular, measured tones at a consistent speed while taking short breaks in between sentences. Make sure your clients know how to use technology properly when it comes to recording devices, audio equipment, and video cameras. Interpretation is more accurate when you receive a clear message from your clients.  


Always keep practicing and improving, even if you have years of interpretation experience. Practice using interpreting technology and software. A particular program may have updates ahead of your task. You don’t want your favorite software to suddenly update when you’re in the middle of a session. If you need to brush up your skills just a bit, head to YouTube and interpret a short video. Even a few minutes here and there can prepare you for a longer session with a client.

Use Technology to Assess Performance

Technology comes in very handy for interpretation. This includes microphones, laptops, tablet computers, recording devices, software, and video cameras. Record a live session with a friend who speaks another language. Interpret his or her speech in real-time. Go back over the recording and assess your performance. Your session can last just a few minutes or as long as you need it to.

Attend Formal Classes

If you want to brush up on your skills in a formal way, attend interpretation classes. You can easily find courses to take on the internet with qualified instructors from accredited institutions. If you enjoy them enough, you might consider getting a degree or certificate in your chosen specialty. A formal degree not only shows you enjoy interpreting, but it lends credibility to your skills. Employers and clients may require that you prove your skills in some fashion, and a degree or certification backs up your skill set in a definable way. The American Translators Association (ATA) lists approved translation and interpreting skills in 75 countries, including several in the United States.

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