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Featured Facts for Spanish-Speaking Call Center Support

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In our previous blog, 3 Ways You Can Improve Spanish-Speaking Call Center Support for Your Customers, the Akorbi translation services team discusses the best ways to grow your Spanish-speaking staff within your multilingual contact center. 

This week’s blog will focus on three key things to remember when operating a Spanish-speaking call center, so you can remain in touch with your workers 

Cultural Sensitivity

According to the article Latino/a and Hispanic Culture in the U.S., there is a larger Spanish-speaking population within the United States than many Hispanic countries. Their research, supported by The Pew Research Center, states that nearly 20% of the U.S. population consists of Hispanic-Americans and Latinx-Americans. 

With over 57 million individuals in the U.S. identifying their origins as from a Hispanic or Latinx cultural group, 28 million reside in Texas, Florida, and California. Of that 28 million, about 10 million reside in Texas alone. According to the Pew Research Center, families that identify origins within Hispanic or Latinx cultural groups are tied to shared family values. 

One of these values is an appreciation for and use of that family’s native language. Languages like Portuguese, Spanish, and others connected to ancestors in regions associated with the Mayan, Incan, and Quechua empires are included in the association of native languages. Hispanic and Latinx families take pride in teaching their children to be multilingual. 

The Pew Research Center also states in the article When Labels Don’t Fit: Hispanics and Their Views of Identity that 51% of individuals associate themselves, not with the title Hispanic or Latinx, but by their family’s country of origin. Only a mere 24% prefer a pan-ethnic label.

By remembering to adhere to the cultural sensitivities of your Spanish-speaking call center representatives, you are choosing to invest in your workers. This is a major long-term investment in your business.

Multilingual Skill Sets Are Highly Sought After by the Consumer Population

According to the American Marketing Association, a research study revealed that consumers respond favorably when support representatives respond to them in their native language. In the same article, supporting research provided by Statista also showed that only 25% of the global internet users have English as their native language. 

Based on this information, not speaking to consumers in their native language actually closes off the opportunity to truly connect with them to better their service experience, and further your business reach. 

Your service representatives who have the skill sets associated with multilingual abilities are doing your business a major service by choosing to assist customers in their native language. By making sure your company invests in these services, so Spanish speakers feel they are cared for, you create long-term growth opportunities within this language market.

Multilingual Support Means More Efficient Support

The Nuffield Foundation released an informative report for the UK titled Languages: the next generation. This report focuses on the importance of introducing globalism, and the linguistic advantages associated with embracing the changes that will result from a new national mindset. The focus of the report is the fact that English is not enough as one global language, and only focusing on one global language when a major portion of the national population consists of families coming from other countries actually results in the disadvantage of that nation. 

Akorbi focuses on translation and interpretation services for the purpose of providing strength to businesses all over the world. We make your local population stronger by sharing our language skill sets. Akorbi encourages a diverse, global experience from the comfort of your phone. 

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