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BPO Call Centers- Why it Could Be More Affordable to Outsource

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is outsourcing an essential process to a third-party entity. The types of processes outsourced with BPO are usually critical processes, but ones that don’t necessarily impact the company’s overall vision or business model. Some good examples of business services that are typically outsourced include customer service, accounting, or human resources. In today’s blog, Akorbi will explain BPO call centers and how it could be financially beneficial to outsource a call center.

What is a BPO Call Center?

A BPO call center is a third-party entity that customer service processes are outsourced. The BPO call center represents the company on the phone to the public. Call centers can answer incoming calls from customers and help them with essential services or problems or perform outgoing calls on behalf of the company. This is all call centers do, so they are typically experts at customer service and phone etiquette. They are also usually well-versed in the American Disabilities Act (ADA) laws regarding access to telecommunication for all. They know the different methods of communication that can be necessary for customers and can keep your company ADA compliant.

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A BPO Call Center Frees Up Time for Other Processes

There are many parts to a business to keep it running, so it only makes sense that eliminating one process can free up time for employees to specialize in other tasks. Customers often expect a company to answer a call and solve their problem right away. For many growing companies who are already stretched thin on the workforce, this can be not easy. Using a BPO call center can give customers a more pleasant customer service experience by assisting them quickly and thoroughly.

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A BPO Call Center Could Save Money

To give customers the best experience, many companies hire in-house customer service representatives. This might work well in a smaller company with few enough calls to be easily handled by one or two employees. However, if you are looking at enough calls to hire a whole team of representatives, that can get costly with salaries and benefits. And you cannot slack on having customer service representatives available, or the customer’s overall experience will be poor.

A good solution for companies with a large number of inbound calls is to outsource their customer service department to a BPO call center. Often these centers are paid by the number of hours available to your customers, and as professionals, they can give your customers a top-notch consumer experience.

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