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Akorbi and Dialog Health

Create tailored communications for your Limited English Proficient (LEP) Audience

Akorbi and Dialog Health have partnered to address the communication challenges and compliance regulations impacting organizations who support Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals. The goal of this partnership is to offer client solutions that enhance communication with customers and employees, thereby improving engagement, satisfaction—and in a healthcare setting—patient outcomes.

About Our Partnership

Effective communication is fundamental for any organization, and whether internal or external, an enterprise should consider the language, cultural, and channel preferences of the stakeholder. Communicating in the preferred language of the stakeholder, whether communicating to them or receiving communication from them, eliminates language barriers.

Considering that adults in America no longer want to engage through traditional channels of communication (phone calls, mail, email) and prefer text messaging instead, a solution for this new generation of multilingual texters was needed, which is where Akorbi and Dialog Health come into play.

By combining Akorbi’s interpretation, translation, and cultural expertise with Dialog Health’s two-way texting platform, organizations can now create tailored content for LEPs in their preferred language. The enhanced platform allows for implementation and management of a two-way texting conversation with LEP clients in their native language without the use of a live interpreter on-site.

Texting is cost-effective, convenient, and reliable, and is becoming an essential part of an organization’s communication. Adding the capability to exchange information in over 170 languages utilizing this channel creates valuable new opportunities.

Clients can now notify, educate, support, and even steer someone to a richer experience. Importantly though, the platform allows people to initiate communication with an enterprise even if they don’t speak English. An inbound text message is no less valuable than an inbound phone call or email. The ability to extend communication into a plethora of languages opens new, diverse markets for businesses wanting to expand their footprints and growth in these growing market segments.

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Here are the facts

Adults in America no longer prefer to engage through traditional channels of communication – phone calls, mail, and even email – the way previous generations have. Gone are the days of convenient, fast, and efficient phone calls. A survey by TrueCaller found that 64% of adults have not answered a call from a number they did not recognize. This percentage of unanswered phone calls is only going to increase as call protection company First Orion predicts half of all mobile calls in 2019 are expected to be spam robocalls. If a voicemail is left, bear in mind that over 30% of voicemails linger unheard for 3 days or more, and that over 20% of Americans do not check voicemail at all (NYTimes).

Of course phone calls are important and serve a valuable purpose for any business, but they are no longer the preferred primary form of communication. Adults have not only fallen in love with texting, but have come to rely on it daily. According to the Chicago Times, most adults now prefer to send/receive a text message instead of making/receiving a phone call.

Today, text messaging is the most widely-used and fastest-growing channel of communication. When it comes to texting in America, the following research and statistics speak volumes: 

  • 95% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent (Forbes)
  • 98% of text messages are read (Dynmark)
  • Average response time for a text is 90 seconds (CTIA)

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