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Akorbi is a top translation company who helps businesses  achieve their language goals through interpretation, translation, localization, multilingual content moderation, telehealth, compliant language solutions, and our own ADAPT platform. We work with international businesses and any companies that need help in a multilingual setting. Contact Akorbi’s Dallas-Fort Worth headquarters or call 1-877-4.AKORBI for more details.



Customizable and compliant interpretation solutions including on-site, telephonic, video,
and mobile interpreting. Whether you’re a Dallas-Fort Worth business requiring interpretation or a company based in another part of the world, we take care of you with a combination of people and technology. 


Access a variety of translation and localization solutions to help you meet your global business needs. We help give your product/service the look and feel of having been created specifically for a target market, no matter their language, culture, or location. We’re a Dallas-Fort Worth translation company with an international reach!


Content moderation is more than just making sure you content follows legal and ethical standards. It’s also about moderating content written by your target audience. Our professionals examine what your users write, determine if it’s appropriate, and then take necessary steps to ensure your brand identity stays consistent.

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ADAPT powered by AKORBI

A multi-modal language services platform that provides easy access to interpretation services through phone, video or in-person scheduling, as well as translation and localization services.

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Our team has extensive experience in the healthcare industry to provide language and technology solutions that are compliant with CMS, ACA, HIPAA, and Fraud, Waste & Abuse metrics. We also work with ASCs.

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We provide compliant language and technology solutions that enable healthcare professionals to connect with their patients and colleagues remotely, through a secure platform.

Vera Richards
Our Leaders

Vera Richards

Vice President of Translation
Vera’s 20 plus years localization experience spans various positions from translator, localization engineer, project manager, group manager and program director, with the past 10 years at Moravia IT.

Under Vera’s leadership, Akorbi's translation team is increasing agility, utilizing the latest technology and building up the supply chain to partner with clients to bring in solutions to make their products feel native in any international locale.
Edward C. Cavazos
Our Leaders

Edward C. Cavazos, Jr.

Executive Vice President of Interpretation
Edward brings more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, channel management and business ownership. He previously served as the vice president of business development and marketing for Telelanguage Inc., where he developed 15 strategic partnerships to market the company’s language and interpretation services both in the U.S. and worldwide. He also focused on account development in the insurance, medical, utility and legal vertical markets. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and business administration from California State University, Sacramento.
Our Leaders

Maria Clara Buzzini

Director Customer Relations and Account
With 11 years of experience in translation services, Maria Clara has a unique expertise in the requirements and quality measures of a translation project. Leveraging her years as a Spanish language translator, she is directly involved in the testing and selecting of Akorbi’s translators for the Spanish language. Maria Clara graduated with honors from Belgrano University (Universidad de Belgrano) in Argentina with a Bachelor’s Degree in English-Spanish translation
and a specialization in legal, literary and scientific subjects.
Debbie Carter
Our Leaders

Debbie Carter

Director of Interpretations
As Director of Interpretations, Debbie is responsible for the implementation and development of business practices, processes, and efficiencies within the Akorbi language services division. She oversees the linguist selection process, the technology platform of ADAPT, as well as the interpretation services provided onsite, or via telephone or video to clients needing language support.
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