At Akorbi, we take immense pride in providing a comprehensive range of language services to meet the needs of our diverse, global clientele. Our extensive language list is a testament to our unwavering commitment to linguistic diversity, multilingual proficiency, and global inclusivity. 

If you don't find your language listed, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are continuously working towards expanding our linguistic capabilities to better serve you.



Afrikaans Bahdini Chaldean Dari-Persian Egyptian Fulani
African Balinese Chamorro Danish Edo Fanti
Akan Bambara Chinese/Shanghainese Dari Ewe Farsi
Albanian Bangante Chinese Taiwanese Daula Falam Filipino
Amharic Bangladeshi Chin- Falam Dinka Fanti French
Anol-Ewe Bantu Chin- Hahka Dutch Filipino French Canadian
Arabic Bengali Chuukese Edo Fukienese (Chinese) French Creole
Arabic Juba Bosnian Cree Egyptian Fuqing Fulani
Aramaic Bulgarian Croatian Ewe Georgian German
Armenian Burmese Creole Falam Greek Grebo
Assyrian Cambodian Cape Verde Creole Fanti Gujarati Hainan
Azerbaijani Cantonese Cape Verdian Farsi Hakka Haitian Creole
Bahdini Carolinion Dari Filipino Hausa Italian
Balinese Catalan Dari-Persian Filipino (Pangasinan) Hebrew Japanese
Bambara Cebuano Daula French Hindi Jing paw
Bangante Chaldean Dinka French Canadian Hmong K'iche
Bangladeshi Chamorro Dutch Fukienese (Chinese) Hokkien Kanjobal
Bantu Chinese Shanghainese Edo Fuqing Hungarian Karelian
Bengali Chinese Taiwanese Egyptian Georgian Iban Karenni
Bosnian Chin- Falam Ewe German Icelandic Karen
Bulgarian Chin- Hahka Falam Greek Ilocano Kaya
Burmese Chuukese Fanti Gujarati Indonesian Khmer
Cambodian Cree Farsi Hainan Ibo Kinyarwanda
Cantonese Croatian Filipino Haitian Creole Italian Kirundi
Cape Verde Creole Croatian Filipino (Pangasinan) Hakka Japanese Korean
Cape Verdian Danish French Hebrew Jing paw Kosrae
Carolinion Dari French Canadian Hindi Kanjobal Krahn
Catalan Dari-Persian Fukienese (Chinese) Hmong Karelian Krio
Cebuano Daula Fuqing Hokkien Karenni Kurdish
Chaldean Dinka Georgian Hungarian Karen Kunama
Chamorro Dutch German Iban Kaya Laotian
Chinese Shanghainese Edo Greek Icelandic Khmer Latvian
Chinese Taiwanese Egyptian Gujarati Ilocano Kinyarwanda Lingala
Chin- Falam Ewe Hainan Indonesian Kirundi Lithuanian
Chin- Hahka Falam Haitian Creole Ibo Korean Macedonian
Chuukese Fanti Hakka Italian Kosrae Malay
Cree Farsi Hausa Japanese Krahn Malayalam
Croatian Filipino Hebrew Jing paw Krio Maltese
Danish Filipino (Pangasinan) Hindi Kanjobal Kurdish Mam
Dari French Hmong Karelian Kunama Mandarin
Dari-Persian French Canadian Hokkien Karenni K’iche Mandingo
Daula Fukienese (Chinese) Hungarian Karen Laotian Mandinka
Dinka Fuqing Iban Kaya Lingala Maay Maay
Dutch Georgian Icelandic Khmer Lithuanian Macedonian
Edo German Ilocano Kinyarwanda Malay Maltese
Egyptian Greek Indonesian Kirundi Malayalam Mam
Ewe Gujarati Ibo Korean Mandarin Marathi (Indian)
Falam Hainan Italian Kosrae Mandingo Micronesian
Fanti Haitian Creole Japanese Krahn Mandinka Mien
Farsi Hakka Jing paw Krio Maay Maay Mixteco Bajo
Filipino Hausa Kanjobal Kurdish Macedonian MON
Filipino (Pangasinan) Hebrew Karelian Kunama Malay Mongolian
French Hindi Karenni K’iche Malayalam Montenegrin
French Canadian Hmong Karen Laotian Maltese Navajo Indian
Fukienese (Chinese) Hokkien Kaya Lingala Mam Oriya
Fuqing Hungarian Khmer Lithuanian Mandarin Oromo
Georgian Iban Kinyarwanda Macedonian Mandingo Pashto
German Icelandic Kirundi Malay Mandinka Persian
Greek Ilocano Korean Malayalam Maay Maay Polish
Gujarati Indonesian Kosrae Maltese Macedonian Portuguese
Hainan Ibo Krahn Mam Malay Portuguese Creole
Haitian Creole Italian Krio Mandarin Malayalam Pulaar
Hakka Japanese Kurdish Mandingo Maltese Punjabi
Hausa Jing paw Kunama Mandinka Maay Maay Quiche
Hebrew Kanjobal K’iche Marathi (Indian) Macedonian Quichua
Hindi Karelian Laotian Micronesian Malay Rohingya
Hainan Ibo Krahn Mam Malay Portuguese Creole
Haitian Creole Italian Krio Mandarin Malayalam Pulaar
Hakka Japanese Kurdish Mandingo Maltese Punjabi
Hausa Jing paw Kunama Mandinka Maay Maay Quiche
Hebrew Kanjobal K’iche Marathi (Indian) Macedonian Quichua
Hindi Karelian Laotian Micronesian Malay Rohingya
Hmong Karenni Lingala Mien Malayalam Romanian
Hokkien Karen Lithuanian Mixteco Bajo Maltese Russian
Hungarian Kaya Macedonian MON Mam Samoan
Iban Khmer Malay Mongolian Mandarin Sango
Icelandic Kinyarwanda Malayalam Montenegrin Mandingo Serbian
Ilocano Kirundi Maltese Navajo Indian Mandinka Serbo-Croatian
Indonesian Korean Mam Oriya Maay Maay Singhalese
Ibo Kosrae Mandarin Oromo Macedonian Slovak
Italian Krahn Mandingo Pashto Malay Slovenian
Japanese Krio Mandinka Persian Malayalam Somali
Jing paw Kurdish Marathi (Indian) Polish Maltese Sorani
Kanjobal Kunama Micronesian Portuguese Mam Spanish
Karelian K’iche Mien Portuguese Creole Mandarin Sudanese
Karenni Laotian Mixteco Bajo Pulaar Mandingo Swahili
Karen Lingala MON Punjabi Mandinka Swedish
Kaya Lithuanian Mongolian Quiche Marathi (Indian) Tagalog
Khmer Macedonian Montenegrin Quichua Micronesian Taiwanese
Kinyarwanda Malay Navajo Indian Rohingya Malay Tajik
Kirundi Malayalam Oriya Romanian Malayalam Tamil
Korean Maltese Oromo Russian Maltese Tatar
Kosrae Mam Pangasina (Filipino) Samoan Mam Tedim Chin
Krahn Mandarin Pashto Sango Mandarin Teochew
Krio Mandingo Persian Serbian Mandingo Telugu
Kurdish Mandinka Polish Serbo-Croatian Mandinka Thai
Kunama Marathi (Indian) Portuguese Singhalese Marathi (Indian) Tibetan
K’iche Micronesian Portuguese Creole Slovak Micronesian Tigre
Laotian Malay Pulaar Slovenian Malay Toisanese
Lingala Malayalam Punjabi Somali Malayalam Toishan
Lithuanian Maltese Quiche Sorani Maltese Tonga
Macedonian Mam Quichua Spanish Mam Tongan
Malay Marshallese Rohingya Sudanese Marshallese Trukese
Malayalam Mien Romanian Swahili Mien Turkish
Maltese Mixteco Bajo Russian Swedish Mixteco Bajo Twi
Mam MON Samoan Tagalog MON Ukrainian
Mandarin Mongolian Sango Taiwanese Mongolian Urdu
Mandingo Montenegrin Serbian Tajik Montenegrin Uzbek
Mandinka Navajo Indian Serbo-Croatian Tamil Navajo Indian Visayan (Filipino)
Marathi (Indian) Oriya Singhalese Tatar Oriya Vietnamese
Micronesian Oromo Slovak Tedim Chin Oromo Welsh
Malay Pangasina (Filipino) Slovenian Teochew Pangasina (Filipino) Wolof
Malayalam Pashto Somali Telugu Pashto Yiddish
Maltese Persian Sorani Thai Persian Yoruba
Mam Pokomchi Spanish Tibetan Pokomchi Zomi
Mandarin Polish Sudanese Tigre Polish Zulu
Mandingo Portuguese Swahili Toisanese Portuguese  
Mandinka Portuguese Creole Swedish Toishan Portuguese Creole  
Marathi (Indian) Pulaar Tagalog Tonga Pulaar  
Micronesian Punjabi Taiwanese Tongan Punjabi  




We Speak Over 170 Languages

Akorbi ensures that cultural differences never hinder communication. Our dedicated team is ready to facilitate your global interactions with unmatched precision. Connect with us today and let's navigate the world of languages together.


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