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ADAPT: The Core Technology Powering your Vendor Management Workflows

ADAPT, Akorbi’s state-of-the-art Workflow Management System, is your solution for streamlined vendor management and effective communication. It functions as a centralized managed service provider for all vendor-related processes and connects you with Akorbi's skilled linguists. These professionals are available to handle all language service needs within your workflow, ensuring clear and effective communication in all your vendor interactions. With ADAPT, you can efficiently manage vendors and overcome language challenges, freeing up valuable resources to focus on strategic growth and business development.

ADAPT's Integration Capabilities for Streamlining Your Workflows

In an operational environment that typically requires separate systems for various functions, ADAPT provides a simplified solution. Traditional vendor management process involved using multiple systems - HR systems for onboarding, accounting systems for invoicing, ERP systems for business process management, and CRM for customer relationship management. This often led to fragmented data and cumbersome workflows. However, with ADAPT, these systems converge into a centralized suite, providing a single source of data and a unified workflow. This integration capability eliminates the need to switch between differe

Leveraging ADAPT and RunMyProcess for Automated Workflows

ADAPT's vendor management capabilities are further enhanced by seamlessly integrating with Akorbi's RunMyProcess Low Code Platform. With the intuitive drag-and-drop design, you can effortlessly combine ADAPT's centralized suite with RunMyProcess's flexible customization capabilities. This allows you to create automated workflows perfectly tailored to your business requirements. The benefits of this automation are manifold. It eliminates the risk of human error in data entry, reduces onboarding time for new vendors, streamlines processes, and leads to significant cost savings, improved vendor relationships, and business growth. With the combined power of ADAPT and RunMyProcess, your vendor management becomes smoother, faster, and more reliable.

An ADAPT-Powered Workflow can Include:

Vendor Identification

Use ADAPT to identify potential vendors based on the specific needs of your business. The system can automatically source and profile vendors from a vast, global pool.

Vendor Evaluation

ADAPT's analytics capability allows an objective evaluation of potential vendors based on their performance metrics and reviews. This can be automated to save time and ensure a fair selection process.

Contract Negotiation & Onboarding

Once the vendor is selected, ADAPT can help automate the contract negotiation process by managing the communication and documentation. Upon finalizing the contract, the system facilitates seamless onboarding.

Communication Management

ADAPT ensures clear and effective communication with the vendor. The automated system handles routine communications, updates, and notifications, providing a consistent communication channel.

Performance Tracking

With performance metrics directly integrated into the system, ADAPT automatically tracks the vendor's performance and presents detailed reports for review.

Invoice Processing & Payments

The system automates the invoice processing and payment tasks, reducing manual errors and improving efficiency.

Compliance Checks

ADAPT's automated workflow performs regular compliance checks to ensure the vendor's adherence to contract terms, industry standards, and regulatory requirements.


When a vendor contract ends, ADAPT manages the off-boarding process by automating the necessary steps, such as final payment processing, access revocations, and document archiving.

Advanced Monitoring and Custom Dashboards for Improved Transparency

ADAPT simplifies your operations by providing you with effective tools to monitor vendor activities. With its advanced system, you can stay connected with every facet of your vendor management processes. This includes real-time tracking for continuous measurement of vendor performance and efficiency, ensuring alignment with your business standards and expectations. Additionally, you can create custom dashboards tailored to your specific business needs, enhancing transparency into vendor management processes and providing detailed insights for strategic decision-making and operational improvements.

Centralized Project Management

ADAPT's user-friendly centralized system provides a comprehensive overview of all projects, from initiation to completion. With centralized project management, you can easily track progress, monitor task completion, and ensure timely delivery. There no longer is the need for multiple tracking systems, as ADAPT offers a unified interface to view, manage, and update ongoing projects. It also simplifies resource allocation, facilitates communication with vendors, and provides automated notifications for milestone deadlines.

Industry-Specific Compliance Assistance

ADAPT's versatility extends beyond workflow management or project oversight. It excels at ensuring vendor compliance in critical industries like healthcare, finance, and legal. With seamless integration capabilities, ADAPT can facilitate compliance checks and adherence to industry-specific regulations. In healthcare, it can integrate with electronic health record systems to ensure HIPAA compliance. In finance, it can help with regulations like SOX, Basel III, or GDPR. In the legal sector, it can be used to track adherence to legal procedures and data management practices. ADAPT's deep integration allows it to work hand in hand with existing systems, creating a robust, compliant vendor management environment.

Secure & Compliant

ADAPT prioritizes the security of your critical vendor relations and sensitive business data. Our robust security capabilities, including ISO 27001 certification, ensure that your data is safeguarded against unauthorized access and cyber threats. With encryption, access controls, and robust network security protocols, we provide world-class data protection. By choosing ADAPT, you can confidently manage your vendors, knowing that your data is protected by internationally recognized security measures.

Multimodal Language Capabilities

ADAPT is more than a vendor and project management platform. It's a gateway that connects you to Akorbi's team of professional linguists. With its multimodal language capabilities, ADAPT allows you to easily access Akorbi's network of linguists for document translations, interpreting services, and localization assistance. You can seamlessly submit translation requests, track their progress, and incorporate language services into your workflows. By connecting to Akorbi's team of linguists, you can ensure accurate, contextually relevant, and culturally sensitive translations across languages and industry-specific terminologies.

Scalability Simplified

ADAPT isn't just about vendor and project management, compliance, security, or language capabilities. It's also about growth and scalability. As businesses evolve, they require a system that can scale and adjust to their changing needs. ADAPT is designed to do just that. With its flexible design, robust features, and cloud-based architecture, ADAPT can seamlessly scale with your business. From managing a small team to coordinating with a global network, ADAPT's functionalities can be easily scaled up or down. Additionally, ADAPT's integration capabilities, compliance checks, and extensive linguist network provide a scalable solution for evolving business needs. This means your business can expand into new markets, comply with regulations, and communicate in multiple languages, all on the same trusted platform.

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ADAPT is not just a platform; it's a comprehensive solution that aligns with your business' evolving needs. Offering robust security measures, multimodal language capabilities, and scalable functionalities, ADAPT is a tool that embodies our commitment to empowering your business with seamless vendor and project management. It's time to elevate your business operations, adapt to the unpredictable business landscape, and stay ahead of the curve. So, why wait? Join the ADAPT community today and let us partner with you on your journey towards unprecedented growth and success.

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