Crafting a Multilingual Future with Akorbi's Cutting-Edge Technology

Akorbi stands as a leading provider for technology-driven language solutions. By utilizing the power of cutting-edge technology, we effectively tackle language barriers, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs. Our approach is centered around creating simplified, yet innovative solutions that are set to redefine the language services landscape.

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Image of a desktop computer displaying the ADAPT Portal. The image showcases a desktop computer with the ADAPT Portal visible on the screen. The ADAPT Portal is a user-friendly interface designed by Akorbi, providing access to a range of language and communication services. The alt text provides a concise description of the image, highlighting the presence of the ADAPT Portal on the desktop computer and its significance as a platform for language-related solutions.

ADAPT Powered by Akorbi

Meet ADAPT, our proprietary language services technology platform that sets the stage for an era of effortless communication in over 170 languages. With ADAPT, you can schedule phone, video, or in-person interpretation services, as well as access document translation and localization services, all at the click of a button. It's language services, redesigned for the digital age.

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Image of a laptop and an iPad displaying ADAPT solutions and tools. The image features a laptop and an iPad positioned side by side, both showcasing the ADAPT solutions and tools. The laptop screen and iPad display present a visual representation of Akorbi's comprehensive ADAPT platform, which offers a range of language and communication solutions. The alt text provides a concise description of the image, emphasizing the presence of ADAPT solutions and tools on the laptop and iPad, illustrating the accessibility and versatility of Akorbi's language services.
Image of a laptop displaying our RunMyProcess Portal for low-code Automation and Low Code. The laptop screen showcases the RunMyProcess Portal, a platform designed to enable intelligent automation and digital process automation. Through this portal, manual tasks in the translation and localization process, such as data entry, word processing, and proofreading, are automated. The low-code capabilities of the platform facilitate seamless connections between systems, applications, and services in real-time. This alt text provides a concise description of the image, highlighting the features and benefits of the RunMyProcess Portal for efficient and streamlined operations.

Automation and Low Code

We believe that the key to efficiency lies in intelligent automation. Our automation technology is crafted to revolutionize the translation and localization process by automating manual tasks, such as data entry, word processing, and proofreading. Alongside this, our low-code digital process automation and integration platform connects systems, applications, and services in real-time, allowing for swift and seamless operations.

Merging Technology with Expertise

Our approach to machine translation is not just about algorithms; it's about the unique blend of technology and human expertise. While AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) lay the groundwork for our fast and cost-effective translation services, the human-in-the-loop model takes it a step further. This approach ensures that our machine translation solutions benefit from the accuracy and cultural nuance only a human can provide. We're not claiming to replace traditional machine translation, but rather to enhance it.

Mac desktop displaying 'Merging Technology with Expertise.' The desktop screen showcases the message 'Merging Technology with Expertise,' representing Akorbi's approach to machine translation. The image emphasizes the combination of advanced technology, such as AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), with human expertise. This blended approach ensures accurate and culturally nuanced translations. The alt text provides a concise description of the image, highlighting Akorbi's commitment to enhancing machine translation by leveraging the unique strengths of both technology and human involvement.

Integrations, Connections and Data Security

Connections matter. That's why we offer over 2800+ pre-built connectors, helping you tie all your systems together within minutes. A single source of truth for your data is the best way to ensure accuracy and streamline operations. Plus, we're ISO 27001 certified, so you can rest assured that your data is always protected to the highest standards.

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We Speak Over 170 Languages

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