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automating your custom workflows

Companies are embracing automation to improve their translation processes and workflows. Automation offers speed, accuracy, and scalability that can streamline the entire translation process. It allows companies to translate large volumes of content faster than ever before, minimizing any delays or bottlenecks in the workflow. Furthermore, automated translations are often more accurate than manual efforts, and the technology is constantly improving.


of administrative role’s time can be spent trying to find the appropriate files


lost funds annually due to incorrect data from human error


minutes, per employee, can be saved each year by automating tasks


of business leaders report that they spend up to 3 hours daily on repetitive tasks


By automating their processes, businesses can increase their translations output, allowing them to expand their customer base and provide better service to current customers. As more work can be done in the same amount of time, automation also improves scalability. Businesses can easily adjust to fluctuations in demand without needing to hire new staff or purchase additional hardware. Scaling with customer demand is key for providing exceptional customer service. When you can quickly and easily meet customer needs as they arise, it helps to create a more positive experience for both your customers and your business. 


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consistent terminology

Automating translation can help ensure more consistent terminology and language accuracy across global text. By leveraging technology-enabled tools, such as machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and neural networks, automated translations can provide the same quality of results with minimal effort from humans.

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prevent human error

By eliminating the need for manual translations, automation minimizes human error, which can be costly in terms of accuracy and precision. Automation also helps to ensure consistency across multiple translations, ensuring that all documents are up-to-date and accurate. These factors can help reduce long-term costs and help organizations stay competitive in their respective markets

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faster turnaround time

The entire process of translating from one language to another can be automated and completed much faster than if done manually by an individual translator. This reduces the time spent on tedious tasks such as copy-editing and proofreading, allowing businesses to get their content out faster and with higher quality.

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eliminate paper-based processes

Automating translation is a great way to streamline communication and reduce paperwork. By automating the process, you can instantly access translations in multiple languages and even store them in your own database for future use. This eliminates the need for manual processes such as printing out documents or using third-party translators, which can be time-consuming and costly, let alone bad for the environment.

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improved employee satisfaction

Automating processes can have a major impact on employee satisfaction. By streamlining mundane tasks, automating allows employees to focus their energy and time on more meaningful tasks. Automation can help staff members feel more efficient, productive, and satisfied with their roles in the organization.

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overall cost savings

Automation offers businesses significant cost savings compared to traditional methods. Automation reduces labor costs, streamlines processes and enables more efficient use of resources. By reducing the amount of manual labor involved in production and operations, automation eliminates costly errors associated with human oversight, freeing up funds for more productive activities.

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