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Akorbi Digital, a part of the Akorbi group of companies, welcomes the leading low-code process automation platform RunMyProcess.

A language service provider has become more than a translator or an interpreter. Language service providers must evolve to become sophisticated language engineering shop that plays an Integral part in the systems integration and data integration globally for your organization.

Akorbi foresees that it will be imperative for the integration of different language vendors, functional departments, and even multimodal multilingual data and customer data to be integrated in a seamless way.

This is why Akorbi Digital has invested in a low code technology called RunMyProcess. A sophisticated low code technology started in France that has more than 2800 connectors to tools such as Plunet, LSPWare, Microsoft Office, NetSuite, Adobe, Google, Microsoft BI, WordPress, Vimeo,  and even your own proprietary systems. With RunMyProcess, transfer of data is not only happening in multiple systems, but the system also allows you to create websites, apps and other applications with an easy workflow creator.

LANGUAGE Service roadmap with runmyprocess

Map of several Language Services

Manage multiple language vendors across the globe while getting access from to reporting capabilities including your own quality control language metrics without complicated programming. Change from multimodal commutation with seamless integrations from an in person interpretation to a over the phone interpretation by simply enabling RunMyProcess to do the seamless connection for you. 

Whether you need over the phone telephonic infrastructure, multilingual video connections, access to machine translation or even real time translators that can attest or certifying your work using a Zoom or a Citrix meeting, RunMyProcess can run this for you. 

Compliance department no longer have to wait or jeopardize to fines in order to have timely response to their members in multiple languages. Do not let your PHI or CMS guidelines affect you by exposing your organization to tedious and labor consuming workflows dictated by language vendors. Translate at source, inside your organization with the virtual integrations done my RMP using secure connections. 

language software integration

Run My Process on laptop and mobile

The localization industry requires more and more systems and data integration. Due to the high levels of content including user generated content, organizations require multilingual content in real time or very quickly. Machine translations and humans have become synergistic, due artificial intelligence. 

Government entities or the private sector are producing significant amounts of multilingual content data y multiple systems such a content management systems for sales, marketing, user generated data in websites, client reviews, comments on social media, organizations are needing multilingual data through customer service in multiple languages, meetings are taking place in Teams, Zoom or Citrix video or in person to support customers and patients and internal employees are interacting with their own coworkers in multiple locations around the world.

What is runmyprocess?

An integration tool for process optimization – creating automated workflows that integrate your enterprise business applications. RunMyProcess’s low code solution reduces development time and increases efficiency, saving you time and money.

How our platform works

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We believe in seamless integration.

From connecting people across continents to connecting digital processes and devices, we strive to fully integrate the digital and physical worlds of enterprises across the globe with our low-code application platform.

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We believe in digital change.

By providing digital automation throughout the enterprise and beyond, we strive to support our customers’ journey to digital transformation and success, allowing them to increase productivity and unlock operational efficiencies in every business area and department.

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We believe in partnership and trust.

With our focus on co-creation, we strive to partner with our customers to safely and seamlessly evolve towards new digital business models. We value trust as the foundation for our work, taking care of our customers from their first contact with us through delivery.

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