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Giving Back

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How Akorbi Gives Back To Our Community

At Akorbi, our mission is to build compassionate human connections. We do that through our vision of becoming the sustainable partner for companies seeking to increase their global or diverse market position through innovation, language, and people. However, that vision goes further than just business. We are compassionate and we operate with integrity, not just in the workplace, but in our community. Here are a few ways that we bring our vision to the community.

Donating Our Time

At Akorbi, we believe that community involvement is more than just donating resources or finances. We want our employees to have boots on the ground, putting in the legwork required to make our community the best it can be. We do this through many outlets. Akorbi serves on local boards, such as the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Plan Fund. We also volunteer with groups such as Groom-Elite, which teaches non-English-speaking horsemen how to work and make a living in the racing industry.

We also believe that investing time into people is what makes a community great. Akorbi mentors the owners of small minority/women-owned businesses and helps children with lymphatic malformation or other severe conditions.


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Donating Our Resources

While our time is valuable, our resources are too. Our mentoring of business owners and our involvement with Groom-Elite include passing our own talents and resources onto these people to help them become successful in their respective vocations. We also support the elderly and people in extreme poverty through our financial giving and resources that help bring people out of poverty. We also continue to support the Ronald McDonald House.


Donating Our Finances

Donating time and resources are great ways to invest in a community. The donation of finances is something that not only helps the organizations we donate to, but also challenges us as human beings. Akorbi supports organizations that fund orphanages in poor countries, as well as organizations dedicated to extreme hunger.

Specifically, we support the Dallas Food Bank, which is a top-ranked relief organization that provides over 190,000 meals every day to children, seniors, and families in North Texas. We also support the Parker Lee Project, which provides supplies and equipment for special needs children who might not be covered by insurance.


Join AKORBI In Supporting Your Community

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We are proud to support our community in the Dallas-metro area, but our clients are spread out across the nation and the globe. We want you to get involved with your community and find places that need your support. For more information on Akorbi and what we do, give us a call at 1-877-425-6724 or visit our Contact Us page.

AKORBI Supports:

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