Why Accuracy Is Crucial in Translation Services

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Apr 28

Why Accuracy Is Crucial in Translation Services

Accuracy matters in many aspects of business, but it is crucially important when delivering translation services. A mistranslation can cost a company a valuable contract with a client or even someone’s life with a medical misdiagnosis. While these situations are very serious, the point is that accuracy is of paramount importance in translation services. Today, Akorbi’s Interpretation Solutions team talks about why translators and interpreters need to have impressive accuracy.

Prevents Misunderstandings

Accurate translation services prevent misunderstandings between parties. One famous translation gaffe happened in 1977 on President Jimmy Carter’s trip to Poland. An official interpreter changed “I left the United States this morning” to “I left the United States, never to return.” The next interpreter simply stayed silent at an official state dinner rather than interpret Carter’s toast, saying that the president’s English didn’t make sense. Clearly, the president’s interpreters had not been clear in their translation.

Eliminates Errors

Errors due to misinterpretations can last for decades. Italian astronomer Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli began mapping the surface of Mars in 1877. After looking through his telescope, he labeled a series of “canali” on a map of the Red Planet. Canali refers to “channels” in Italian. English-speaking scientists instantly thought that “canali” meant “canals” on his map. This mistranslation led to the belief that intelligent life existed on Mars because Martians constructed canals. This mistake perpetuated for decades in the public consciousness. Errors such as these may not make any paradigm shifts in contemporary translation services. However, it’s important to note that one team may interpret labels on a diagram one way, while another team may think it means something totally different. Everyone must be on the same page for translations to work.

Improves Your Reputation

In 2009, a nationwide bank launched a $10 million marketing campaign entitled “Assume Nothing.” The marketing team had to fix things when several translations interpreted it to mean “Do Nothing” in several foreign markets. Reducing or eliminating errors in translation services improves your company’s reputation. It also increases expertise in your chosen industry without having to fix a major malfunction.

Retains Loyal Clients

Accuracy retains loyal clients who are satisfied with your work. When you deliver perfect prototypes or batches of products on time and under budget to clients’ exact specifications, customers appreciate the effort you and your staff put into your work. Translation services for global companies help make this happen with global companies.

Legal and Financial Ramifications

Misinterpreting someone’s words can have legal and financial ramifications. For publicly traded companies, someone interpreting a word incorrectly can send a company’s stock tumbling. Government investigations into someone’s statements can lead to securities fraud charges or even jail time. These are extreme examples, but inaccurate translation services can have serious real-world repercussions.

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