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What Does the Localization Process Look Like?

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Apr 28

What Does the Localization Process Look Like?

Localization is a very important process if your business is translating content for a specific geographical area. While translation is an important aspect of language services, it is just the first step for many businesses who are in the localization industry. In today’s blog post, Akorbi gives an inside look at the localization process. If your business requires localization, read on to learn important details.

Who Needs Localization?

Localization, to put it simply, is the process of modifying your content for a specific regional or local audience. This is often confused with translation because both include taking original content and translating it into a different language. However, when content is localized, it is not simply translated, but it is refined for a specific audience. This often includes cultural and linguistic preferences within specific dialects and geographical regions.

For example, there are many phrases that mean very different things depending on the language, dialect, and region. In the United States, if someone says “I want a sub”, it could have several different meanings depending on the dialect and region.

They might be asking for a sub sandwich in New York, or they might be asking for a substitution in a sports game in Atlanta, or they might be asking for a Navy submarine in Hawaii. It is critical to understand meaning and context to accurately localize the translation. Akorbi’s localization process will ensure that your translation is accurate, right down to the local dialect and cultural context.

Finding a Provider

Once you realize that localization is needed for your content, you need to find a provider. It’s best to choose a trusted provider with proven experience in localization around the world. These providers will help give your products or services the perfect look and feel that will appeal to your target market. If you are searching for an exceptional localization service provider, Akorbi should be at the top of your list.

What Will Your Provider Do?

Language experts will review the content on your website, paying close attention to cultural distinctions. Then, they will translate that content in the original layout of your website through a content delivery network. Many providers, including Akorbi, will also optimize each localized website with meta-tags, headings, titles, keywords, and alt-texts that search engines look for. This localized metadata plays a big role in search engine optimization, which helps to position your website to maximize web traffic in each localized market.

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