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Aug 14

Team Member Spotlight: Nik Cupps, Marketing Operations Manager

Akorbi Team Member Spotlight: Meet Nik!

In our ongoing series spotlighting the incredible individuals behind Akorbi's success, today we are introducing you to Nik Cupps. A tech enthusiast with a heart for teamwork and innovation, Nik plays a pivotal role in our Marketing team. We asked Nik a few questions to get to nknow them more, read their responses below:

What is your favorite thing about working at Akorbi?

Nik: It's undoubtedly the tech-forward culture. Our CEO, Claudia Mirza, is incredibly enthusiastic about the future and innovation. It resonates with me on a molecular level because, let's face it, I'm a bit of a tech nerd at heart who bleeds anything futuristic!

What does your day-to-day look like?

Nik: Think of me as the backstage crew in a play. I'm collecting data, playing with and implementing new marketing tools, teaming up with our awesome crew, and making sure the marketing show goes on without a hitch. It's all about the magic behind the curtain!

Who motivates you?

Nik: It might sound typical, but my Marketing team really keeps me going. They're the kind of folks who challenge and support in equal measure, and that's something special.

And then a fun fact about yourself?

Nik: Beyond the usual hustle and bustle, it's my fiancé, Alex, my partner-in-crime, who pushes me creatively and always has my back. At the office, though, it's definitely my Marketing team! These folks truly keep me going. They challenge and support in the best ways, making every day a unique adventure!

Nik's spotlight offers a glimpse into the heart of Akorbi—a place where technology meets teamwork, and innovation is intertwined with relationships. Their dedication to both the tech-forward culture and the Marketing team is a testament to the balance we strive for at Akorbi. Stay tuned for our team member spotlight next week!

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