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How Akorbi Began – Meet Claudia Mirza

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Apr 25

How Akorbi Began – Meet Claudia Mirza

Akorbi is led by the fearless visionary Claudia Mirza. Through her leadership, Claudia has turned Akorbi into one of the largest woman-owned businesses in the world, that specializes in creating authentic human connections through language, technology, and workforce solutions. In today’s blog, we introduce you to the CEO and co-founder of Akorbi, whose passion and work ethic have transformed people’s lives around the globe.

Meet Claudia Mirza

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Claudia’s family survived a poverty-stricken situation with the help of a local entrepreneur, his employees, school nuns, and other family members. Claudia graduated with a degree in Business Management while in Colombia before immigrating to the United States. She continued her studies in America as she holds multiple degrees and certificates, including the prestigious Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School. 

Claudia met her former husband Azam in the United States while working for corporate America. Claudia’s career began working at a large telecommunications company while Azam, a talented and well-educated engineer from India, worked in the defense industry. Claudia and Azam share a passion for serving the marginalized, investing time and resources in entrepreneurial endeavors, and spending quality time with their two sons. In their free time, Claudia enjoys riding and training her Paso Fina horses and participating in competitions all around the country. When Claudia checks into her role as the CEO and co-founder of Akorbi, she spends her time strategically leading the organization, traveling across the world to speak with other business leaders, and mentoring fellow women and working mothers at Akorbi.

Akorbi’s Beginnings

In 2002, Claudia Mirza lost her position during the dot-com crash of that year. Claudia spent time helping her father train horses, and at a racing seminar in San Antonio, Texas, an interpreter who was supposed to provide Spanish language support canceled last minute. Claudia stepped in and helped event organizers by providing language interpretation, which quickly developed into Claudia giving further assistance by translating and editing essential training materials. Through this experience and the development of connections and referrals, Akorbi’s roots were planted. After the corporation began in 2003, businesses such as Southwest Airlines, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, and 3M joined the growing client base. 

Within the following years, Akorbi’s success and influence continued to grow thanks to the leadership of Claudia and Azam Mirza. Akorbi landed government contracts and increased its client base to span many different industries, such as retail, IT, advertising, and healthcare. Akorbi has since developed into a global provider of multilingual business solutions through this tremendous growth. Akorbi has become an award-winning organization with a growth rate of 1,267% between 2012 and 2016 and has been named the 34th fastest-growing woman-owned/led company in the world. 

Work With Akorbi

Akorbi has been transformed into an influential and top-notch organization through the continued leadership of Claudia Mirza. We help organizations connect with employees, vendors, and customers in over 150 languages. Our solutions include interpretation, translation, multilingual and technical staffing, business process outsourcing, and localization services. If your business requires any of these services, you can learn more about how we can help by vising our website and receiving a free quote.

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