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Importance of Multilingual Support and Interpretation Services for Behavioral Health Sessions


Apr 28

Importance of Multilingual Support and Interpretation Services for Behavioral Health Sessions

Akorbi specializes in interpretation services and solutions for healthcare companies. We offer HIPAA-compliant in-person and remote or video interpreting that meets all federal requirements. One specialization that we excel in is behavioral health. In today’s blog from Akorbi, we discuss the importance of providing multilingual support and interpretation services for behavioral health sessions.

Saving Lives

Behavioral health services can save lives. When you consider the challenges of substance abuse, suicide prevention, PTSD, and mental illness, compassionate behavioral health sessions can make an enormous difference during difficult times.

When there is a language barrier in a behavioral health session, professional interpretation services can help to overcome it. Particularly when an emergency session is called for, healthcare agencies may not have the time, resources, or staffing to bring in an expert who speaks the same language as the patient.

Remote multilingual interpretation can also help behavioral health providers save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, as telehealth services are used to provide compassionate care without exposing patients to the coronavirus.

Knowing he Terminology

Highly trained interpreters, like those from Akorbi, can be suited for behavioral health sessions as a specialty within their field. Interpreters must be familiar with various mental health diagnoses, therapeutic techniques, and terminology used by mental health professionals. It may be helpful for the interpreter to have a conversation with the mental health professional before the session to iron out any particular terms they need to know.

Cultural Competency

Cultural competency for interpreters is essential. Various cultures have different attitudes toward behavioral health. Some cultures may foster a reluctance to discuss behavioral health issues. Other cultures might face stigmas against behavioral health. Still others may be much more open-minded to discussing feelings, emotions, and mental well-being. Interpretation services and multilingual support go beyond merely knowing the words; someone must understand the language.

Precise Language Translation

Clinicians and behavioral health professionals value precision. Consider the implications of the differences between the words “enraged” and “outraged.” Those differences are significant to a behavioral health professional attempting to achieve a therapeutic response in a patient.

Understanding the Role

Interpreters for behavioral health sessions understand their role during the session. The purpose of the interpreter is solely to provide multilingual interpretation. It is not the job of an interpreter to make diagnoses, value judgments, or affect therapeutic outcomes. Professionally trained, compliant, and certified interpreters, like those from Akorbi, understand this distinction and will always maintain the proper professional decorum during behavioral health sessions that require interpretation services.

Akorbi & In-Person or Remote Video Interpretation

Akorbi provides compliant and certified interpreters for behavioral health sessions to meet your exact specifications. We offer professional interpreters for multilingual support and American Sign Language, whether you require someone in person or would rather use remote interpretation through a mobile device. Contact Akorbi or call 1-877-4-AKORBI for more information on our interpretation services.

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