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Jul 31

Embracing Inclusive Language: Navigating Global Trends and Fostering Diversity

Language serves us as a means of organizing, structuring, and interacting in our society and culture. The general agreement is that language evolves and relates to the way we think. To promote an environment of respect, diversity, and equality, it’s important to use inclusive language. By doing so, we can make sure that every individual, regardless of their race, beliefs, abilities, gender identities, or sexual orientations, feels valued and included, both within and outside our organization. 


The idea of inclusive language is still new and even though it has achieved some traction in the Americas and Western Europe, every country is at a different stage in its adoption. Multiple factors, both linguistic and not, dictate the need and the level of acceptance that inclusive language receives in each community. Romance languages, such as Spanish and Italian, force the speaker to use masculine or feminine pronouns for referring to objects and peopleMandarin, on the other hand, has fewer explicit language signifiers. However, the culture within the People's Republic of China also shapes the inclusive language used. Because of these stark differences, navigating global trends in inclusive languages can be a daunting task.  


At Akorbi, we understand the significance and worth of inclusive language. We foster it within our organization and are ready to assist you in implementing an inclusive culture in your communications, both within and beyond your company and community.To this end, we have created language assets that help usensure the content we create is always written in an inclusive manner. Beyond Style Guides, which lay out general principles and points to bear in mind when aiming to make your content more inclusive, we maintain a series of term bases. These consist of specific words that should be sidestepped, preferred, or utilized only in particular contexts.They also containdefinitions of emerging updated termssuch as gender fluid or neurodivergent, as inclusive language and trends evolve.As of now, the lenses covered include gender, race, ability, and creed, with the anticipation of more diversified topics to be covered in the future.  


 Each tool offered by Akorbi caters to different requirements, and Akorbi can pinpoint the most suitable application for your company's situation. This strategy allows you to ensure that your team and customers utilize language that promo

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