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Employee Spotlight: Gabriela Munoz, HR Manager

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Jul 28

Team Member Spotlight, Gabriela Munoz, HR Manager of Akorbi's El Paso Office

Introducing the HR Maestro of Akorbi El Paso: Gabriela Munoz

In the heart of our new El Paso office, you'll find Gabriela Munoz, the driving force behind the positive and upbeat environment. Since joining the Akorbi family on February 13, 2023, she has brought her unique energy and innovative spirit to her role as HR Manager. Today, we shine a spotlight on Gabriela, revealing her personal and professional journey, as well as her tireless efforts to foster a vibrant and inclusive workspace at Akorbi.

A Closer Look at Gabriela

Born in Chihuahua and raised in El Paso, Gabriela brings a deep understanding of the cultural diversity and richness of the region to her work. With over 15 years of HR experience spanning recruiting, management, and startup programs, Gabriela's expertise has become invaluable to Akorbi. Her responsibilities have ranged from overseeing multiple sites, managing employee benefit programs, conducting new hire orientations, to participating in international start-up projects.

When she's not shaping the future of Akorbi, Gabriela immerses herself in her passion for reading, spends quality time with her family - including six kids and one grandbaby - and enjoys the thrill of riding her motorcycle. A proud holder of a Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources, Gabriela is also SHRM – PHRca certified.

Building a Cohesive Team

In the early stages of Akorbi's El Paso office, Gabriela faced the challenge of assembling a team of interpreters to work remotely while the new office was under construction. With determination and creativity, Gabriela fostered a sense of community and belonging among the new recruits through various team-building activities - from virtual birthday cards and recognitions to holiday desk decorating contests and family and culture days.

With the impending transition of employees to the office, Gabriela plans to further enhance the team spirit through training graduation packages, tenure acknowledgments, performance incentives, and an activities committee that encourages everyone's involvement.

Transitioning Back to the Office

Acknowledging the potential challenges of the move from remote work to an office setting, Gabriela has meticulously orchestrated plans to ensure a smooth transition for our El Paso employees. She has instituted pay incentives, emphasized regular and clear communication, and dedicated her efforts to crafting a friendly and comfortable working environment - complete with a relaxation room! The first day in the office promises to welcome employees with an information packet, a luncheon, and even a few 'welcome' goodies.

Envisioning the Future Workplace

Gabriela's vision for the future goes beyond just the transition. Once all employees begin working together in person, she aims to perpetuate the positive, engaging work environment she has fostered. Her strategies include plans for in-person interactions and events, career development opportunities, and creating an atmosphere that promotes personal and professional growth.

As we welcome Gabriela and our entire team to the newly completed Akorbi El Paso office, we are eager to see the vision she has so carefully cultivated become a reality. The excitement for what lies ahead is palpable, and with Gabriela at the helm, we know our El Paso office has a bright future.

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