Akorbi Digital Acquires Fujitsu RunMyProcess

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Apr 28

Akorbi Digital Acquires Fujitsu RunMyProcess

Akorbi Digital announces the successful acquisition of the leading low-code process automation platform RunMyProcess from Fujitsu Limited.

Paris, France May 25, 2021 – Akorbi Digital, a part of the Akorbi group of companies, announced today the successful acquisition of Fujitsu RunMyProcess (RMP), a French company owned by Fujitsu Limited. In a seamless transition, Akorbi Digital is maintaining the RunMyProcess brand, now powered by Akorbi Digital.

“Fujitsu welcomes this important milestone as Akorbi Digital prepares to take the RunMyProcess platform to the next level”, Takashi Fujiwara, SVP, Head of the Software Product Business Unit of Fujitsu Limited said, “Akorbi Digital will continue seamless service delivery to all current Fujitsu clients”.

RunMyProcess creates state-of-the-art automated workflows to integrate enterprise business applications at significantly reduced development time and increased efficiency. Along with innovative technology solutions, Akorbi Digital RMP brings with it the full capabilities of the Akorbi group of companies which includes comprehensive language, workforce, technology, and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. Together, the Akorbi and RunMyProcess teams will create and deliver enhanced language and digital capabilities to clients around the world.

Azam Mirza, co-owner of Akorbi Digital, who has an extensive background in developing technology solutions, has assembled a team of business and industry experts to ensure a smooth transition and evolve RunMyProcess to the next level. He has announced the President of Akorbi Digital RMP will be Jaime Calderon. In addition to his successful leadership with the Akorbi group, serving as CFO since 2018, Jaime brings over 30 years of business acumen from the energy industry, with ample exposure to global business development and commercial negotiations. Additionally, Vic Herring will serve in the Office of the President as Vice President of Global Partnerships. Vic was instrumental in fostering business relationships under Fujitsu RunMyProcess until 2020, is a well-respected and customer-centric leader with hands-on experience selling a broad array of products on a global scale. Another key member of the executive team is Daniel Lopez. A veteran of the RunMyProcess platform and the Head of Sales with the Akorbi group of companies, Daniel will be expanding his role to Head of Global Growth for Akorbi Digital RMP – focusing on product expansion across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.

When asked about the recent acquisition, co-owner Claudia Mirza said, “This is part of the Akorbi growth strategy – investing in technology and adding to the portfolio of digital solutions. This is how Akorbi Digital was born. Akorbi uses technology today, it’s always been at our core. This acquisition aligns well with what we do and strengthens the direction we are going.”


Akorbi Digital, a recently established entity, will drive and foster the innovations agenda for the Akorbi group through the development of digital solutions for the global economy. We help enterprise level organizations enhance, optimize, and leverage technology to improve workflow processes and communication.


RunMyProcess is a powerful cloud-native, low-code platform for delivering the most cost-effective business processes and enterprise applications. It offers superior capabilities by tapping into the world of digital ecosystems to propel businesses into the future. Through its integrate | automate | co-create approach, RunMyProcess builds fully customized, mobile-ready applications that integrate existing enterprise systems and data silos and connects them to new digital ecosystems. This platform creates sophisticated workflow applications and automates mission critical business processes in a flexible, secure, and cost-effective way. Learn More

This press release was originally published on Slator here and PRWeb here.

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