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Romanian Culture and Language Highlight

Woman holding a Romanian flag

Modern-day Romania is a fascinating country filled with a rich history and culture. In today’s blog, the team at Akorbi highlights Romanian culture, landmass and its people.

Where is Romania?

Romania is located in southeastern Europe and shares a border with Hungary, Serbia, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. The landscape features mountainous terrain, as well as forested areas and plains scattered throughout the country. The Romanian countryside has an abundance of gold and silver found in the mountains, rich soil, plentiful rivers, lush pastures for livestock, and green forests with soft and hard woods. 

The Rich Culture of Romania 

Throughout history, Romanian citizens resided in rural, agricultural areas. During communist rule that lasted from 1947 to 1989, Romania experienced vast industrialization and the development of urbanized areas. 

More than half of the population today lives in an urban area, and modern life has made its way into Romanian cities. In general, Romanians place great value in their religious beliefs and family networks. Romanian citizens are hospitable, welcoming, opinionated, and charismatic people.  

The Language of Romania 

Romanian is the official language of Romania, which has Latin roots that are tied back to the Roman occupation of the land. Romanian is considered a “Romance language,” with many similarities to Italian and Spanish.

Despite it being the official language of Romania, Hungarian is the most widely spoken of the minority languages currently present in the country, with a majority of those speakers living in Transylvania, a former part of the Kingdom of Hungary. In areas of Romania where the Hungarian speaking population exceeds 20 percent, Hungarian is spoken at local level public offices. 

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