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Akorbi's Healthcare Solutions

By combining industry expertise with our unwavering commitment to innovation, we work diligently to connect healthcare providers with their diverse patient population. Our suite of services, from language translation to interpretation, ensures that communication hurdles never hinder the delivery of superior healthcare. Partner with Akorbi and empower your organization to deliver high-quality, personalized, and linguistically inclusive care.

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Translation & Localization Services

We specialize in translating all types of healthcare documents with precision and cultural sensitivity, ensuring clarity and accuracy every step of the way. Our services allow you to effectively communicate with patients from diverse language backgrounds, promoting inclusivity in healthcare. But that's not all - our exceptional localization services go beyond mere translation. We meticulously adapt your content to fit the cultural nuances, local laws, and market preferences of your target regions, resulting in a more personalized and engaging experience for your audience. With Akorbi by your side, you can trust that all aspects of your healthcare services, from websites to instructions for wearable devices, are both locally relevant and globally compliant, setting the stage for global expansion.

Enhanced Communication with Interpretation Services

Communication is the cornerstone of effective healthcare. Akorbi's professional interpretation services ensure real-time, clear communication between healthcare providers and patients. Be it in-person, over the phone, or video remote interpreting, our highly trained interpreters facilitate conversations across a range of healthcare settings. Partner with Akorbi, and let us bridge the gap between languages, ensuring every patient receives the care they deserve.

ADAPT: Language Technology with a Human Touch

ADAPT, our proprietary technology platform, brings together all our linguistic services under one convenient, user-friendly interface. With ADAPT, you can easily request and manage translation, localization, and interpretation services, streamlining your workflows and increasing efficiency. Leveraging the power of AI, ADAPT offers rapid turnaround times without compromising on quality. Discover the seamless integration of technology and linguistics with the Akorbi ADAPT platform.

Power your Healthcare Operations

Our low-code Platform transforms healthcare operations, offering powerful integration and workflow automation capabilities. From translating patient documents into multiple languages to scheduling real-time interpreters for telemedicine services across different time zones, our platform simplifies and automates your processes. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems like Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM), reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors.

Akorbi's CMS-Compliant Solutions

Discovering the ins and outs of CMS compliance can be complex, but it's crucial to ensure equal access to healthcare. At Akorbi, we lead the way on this important journey by providing all-encompassing language services that adhere to CMS guidelines. Our experienced team, along with our range of tailored solutions for healthcare, is dedicated to helping you navigate the CMS labyrinth. From accurate translations and localization to skilled interpretation and 508 remediation, we're here to create an inclusive environment for every patient.

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Custom Levels of Service

We understand that every healthcare organization has unique resources and capabilities. That's why we take a flexible approach to our services. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or want us to handle everything for you, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Our experienced team can work alongside your staff to provide the support you require, or we can take over the entire workflow as a managed service provider. Our comprehensive solution allows us to not only fulfill your requested services, but also manage other aspects of your workflow, including coordination with other vendors if necessary. With our advanced technology, RunMyProcess, we can efficiently automate and oversee service workflows, ensuring a smooth and streamlined experience.

We Speak Over 170 Languages

Akorbi ensures that cultural differences never hinder communication. Our dedicated team is ready to facilitate your global interactions with unmatched precision. Connect with us today and let's navigate the world of languages together.


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