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Your Trusted Partner for Mental Health Care

Akorbi is proud to lead the way in providing specialized services for mental health care facilities. With our extensive experience in the healthcare industry, we understand the unique challenges these facilities face. Our dedicated team is committed to empowering these facilities to deliver compassionate care to their patients. We offer a comprehensive range of services that create a supportive environment and improve patient outcomes.

Certifications that Inspire Confidence

We understand the importance of meeting global and national standards in the healthcare industry. To prove our dedication to being a leading to partner for healthcare organizations and maintaining high standards, we have obtained certifications in ISO 27001, ISO 17100, and ISO 9001. These certifications showcase our rigorous quality management systems and commitment to operational excellence.

We also extensive expertise in ensuring compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This means we place the utmost importance on the security and confidentiality of patient information. Rest assured, with our certifications and expertise, you can trust that we take healthcare standards seriously and your patients' information will be protected.

Real-Time Interpretation

Whether you need assistance over the phone, through video calls, or in person, we have the perfect solution for your facility. With our over-the-phone interpretation services, you can communicate clearly with healthcare providers and patients, regardless of language differences. Our skilled interpreters are experts in mental health terminology, guaranteeing accurate and effective communication. This service is particularly valuable in urgent situations where timely communication is critical. For a more personalized experience, our video interpretation service allows for non-verbal cues to enhance understanding. And if you prefer a human touch, our scheduled in-person interpretation services create a comfortable and supportive environment for everyone involved.


ADAPT, Akorbi’s multimodal language delivery portal is designed to facilitate communication between mental health facilities and patients, regardless of language differences. Offering Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI), Video Remote Interpretation (VRI), and in-person sessions, ADAPT addresses a wide range of communication needs. We understand everyone’s preferences are different, so we give patients the freedom to choose the interpretation mode that suits them best. Our qualified team of interpreters is on hand to aid clear and effective communication, be it through virtual sessions or face-to-face meetings.

In addition to connecting patients to our diverse team of interpreters, ADAPT serves as a centralized hub for all translation and localization requests. This centralized approach facilitates easy submission, tracking, and management of all requests, ensuring a seamless flow from request to delivery

Why Akorbi?

When partnering with Akorbi, you gain access to many benefits including:

Extensive Expertise

With years of experience in the healthcare sector, Akorbi understands the unique linguistic and cultural challenges faced by mental health facilities, and offers tailored solutions to meet these specific needs.

Comprehensive Language Services

Offering a wide range of services including translation, localization, and interpretation (OPI, VRI, and in-person), Akorbi provides a one-stop solution for all linguistic needs within mental health care environments.

Qualified Interpreters and Translators

Akorbi’s team comprises highly qualified and trained interpreters and translators proficient in medical terminology, ensuring accurate and effective communication.

Patient-Centric Approach

Akorbi’s patient-centric approach ensures that language barriers are efficiently addressed, promoting better engagement and understanding between healthcare providers and patients, ultimately contributing to improved patient care and satisfaction.

Culturally Attuned Services

Akorbi's services are designed not just to translate languages but to bridge cultural divides, ensuring that mental healthcare providers and patients understand each other on a deeper level, beyond mere words.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Akorbi engages in continuous quality improvement to ensure that the language services provided are always of the highest standard, meeting the evolving needs of mental healthcare facilities.

Translation and Localization Services

We specialize in translation and localization services that make quality healthcare accessible across languages. Our skilled translators are experts in medical terminology, ensuring precision and clarity in all our translations. We also develop multilingual websites that maintain the core message across different languages, making online information accessible to patients and their families, as well as software and portal localization to align online interfaces with the needs of diverse users.

But we don't stop at traditional translation - our team excels in content creation and moderation. We create culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate content that resonates globally. Our moderation services uphold the highest standards of accuracy and relevance. And when it comes to printed and digital materials, our multilingual desktop publishing service ensures professional formatting and localization. We consider the linguistic and cultural nuances of the target audience to create brochures, manuals, and informational booklets that effectively communicate your message.

Streamlined Operations with RunMyProcess

Efficiency is key in delivering timely and effective mental healthcare. Our proprietary low code platform, RunMyProcess, is specifically designed to streamline workflows in mental health facilities. By automating routine yet essential processes, our service seamlessly integrates with existing software platforms commonly used in the sector. With features like automated appointment scheduling, follow-up reminders, and document management, we free up valuable human resources for more crucial aspects of patient care.

Custom Service Levels: From Hands-On to Fully Managed Solutions

We understand that every organization has different resources and capabilities, so we take a flexible approach to service provision. Whether you want a hands-on or fully managed experience, we've got you covered. Our experienced team can work alongside your staff to provide the level of support you need, or we can handle the entire workflow as a managed service provider. With our comprehensive solution, we can manage not only the requested service but also other aspects of your workflow, including collaborating with other vendors if necessary. By leveraging our advanced technology, RunMyProcess, we can efficiently automate and manage service workflows, ensuring a smooth and streamlined experience. 

Experience Akorbi's Comprehensive Services

Our commitment to excellence empowers facilities to deliver superior care. Join us to improve your operational efficiency and enhance patient satisfaction. Together, we can achieve exceptional mental health care.

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