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Why Your IT Manager Needs Akorbi

Outsourcing office

Is your organization looking for ways to improve your services and processes as you forecast capital spending for 2022? The integration of adaptable technology for language services is a worthy investment. Still, you’ll want to make sure it’s ideal for your IT team by adequately addressing your company’s needs, offering easy and smooth integration with your current platforms, and improving your international reach.

Akorbi addresses all of these concerns. Our experts can help you optimize, enhance, and leverage our language technology solutions to improve your workflow. Let’s take a closer look at why your IT manager needs Akorbi below.

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Seamless integration

Using Akorbi’s technology solutions, your IT team can help your company grow by reaching more diverse audiences more efficiently, decreasing your labor cost, and improving affordability. Easily share and move data between Akorbi’s ADAPT and Akorbi Digital’s RunMyProcess tools to seamlessly integrate your processes and devices without snags that lead to downtime and lost leads. Our adaptable technologies also communicate with various applications and devices, providing one easy-to-use, unified solution that works with your current system.

Real-time data

Akorbi’s technology solutions also provide real-time data to quantify the success of the deployment of these tools while also maintaining regulatory compliance. Additionally, the collection and manipulation of this data can empower your organization by improving demographic insight. By using this data to enhance your marketing strategies, you’ll reach your target demographic better..

Cost-effective solutions

Your company can work more efficiently with digital automation by increasing productivity in different business areas and departments. Akorbi’s technology solutions make language access and integration more accessible, with several different modes to access a linguist. This eliminates the cost of travel, in-person interpretation and increases service accessibility for customers.

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Learn more about Akorbi’s technology solutions

Adaptable technology for language services is a vital investment in today’s global workforce. Akorbi provides easily integrated and cost-effective solutions to help your organization grow its international reach. We partner with your organization to safely and seamlessly integrate new technologies to improve your business processes and expand your global reach. 

Please get in touch with Akorbi online or call 1-877-4-AKORBI to learn more about our technology solutions.


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Here’s what Akorbi is doing in response to COVID-19. Learn More »