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Why You Need Accurate Translation Services for Medical Technology and Medical Devices

Senior man using medical device to monitor blood pressure

Akorbi’s language services include translation and localization for life sciences. We adhere to strict quality and compliance standards and regulations to deliver the best possible results for your healthcare company, whether you manufacture artificial limbs, glucose monitors, health trackers, or anything in between. 

Today’s blog from Akorbi explains why you need accurate translation services for medical technology and medical devices.

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Lives Are at Stake

Simply put, lives are at stake with your medical technology and devices. Translation services for medical technology go beyond the functionality of how your devices work. Translations ensure accurate communication for results, issues, instructions, troubleshooting, and data. 

Consider someone traveling abroad who doesn’t know the local language. That person goes to the hospital with an issue. The local care team uses medical technology with multilingual capabilities. The patient contacts his or her primary care team in their home country to look at the results of medical tests provided by your technology. Does your device translate important terms accurately for a correct diagnosis?

Multiply that situation over thousands of devices serving millions of patients. Your medical technology or devices may impact millions of lives across the world. Accurate translations are a key element for achieving that goal.

Regulatory Compliance

Medical technology and medical devices require strict regulatory compliance, particularly in the United States and Europe. Accurate translations must comply with laws at every level. Akorbi’s expert translators follow strict regulatory, quality, and compliance requirements and protocols for medtech companies.

Multiethnic Workplaces in Healthcare

Perhaps your customers have a multiethnic team or remote team using your medical technology or medical device. They may not all speak the same native language, which can hinder performance. Instruction manuals, data panels, and touchscreens should employ multiple languages for optimal usage. 

A device should be able to switch between one language and another easily and effectively. Accurate translation services are a must for this functionality, especially when accuracy and split-second decisions save lives due to the quick thinking of medical staff who look at the readout displayed on the screen. 

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Akorbi’s Multilingual Support

Akorbi’s translation services help your healthcare technology meet regulatory compliance and save lives. Contact Akorbi online or call 1-877-4-AKORBI for more information on how we can help your medtech firm!

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