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Why Video Interpretation Is an Effective Tool in a Health Crisis

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Video interpretation is becoming a big deal for healthcare providers who need interpreters in a crisis situation. The recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic magnified the need for remote interpretation services in the wake of social distancing, overcrowded hospitals, and the spread of the virus. Today’s blog from Akorbi, a top language services provider, explains why video interpretation is a useful tool in a health crisis.

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1. Reduces People in the Room

An emergency room or patient room is crowded enough with a care team, doctors, nurses, and worried family members. Adding an interpreter to the room may not make sense due to social distancing. 

Having an additional person in the room also mitigates the spread of infectious diseases. No matter how many precautions people take, reducing the number of people exposed to an infectious disease is the best way to reduce its spread. A video interpretation session eliminates the worry of spreading germs to one more person.

2. Allows for Visual and Nonverbal Cues 

Video interpretation, rather than over-the-phone interpretation, allows for an interpreter to see nonverbal and visual clues. As much as 70% of communication is nonverbal or visual. A nod of a head, the glance into the distance, or a hand gesture may reveal something about the person’s communication just as much as spoken words. Plus, if an interpreter can’t hear the person speaking, they can attempt to read someone’s lips.

3. Uses Technology Already Available

Technology is already available for video interpretation without any extra investment. Tablets, smartphones, and laptops already have built-in cameras and telecommunications software. All you need is a wireless connection, which most healthcare providers already have installed in their facilities. 

4. Regulatory Compliance

Compliant, professional video interpretation services follow all federal laws in the United States, including HIPAA, Medicaid, Medicare, and more. Not only are communications secure, but our interpreters follow all guidelines for backgrounds, privacy, and an isolated office that no one else can enter or monitor. 

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