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Why Use Over the Phone Interpretation?

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Reasons to Use Over the Phone Interpretation


Over the phone interpretation allows people to communicate quickly and conveniently across language barriers. As business has become increasingly globalized, the ability to pick up the phone and speak with an interpreter proves to be an invaluable resource. Whether you are a multinational corporation, a healthcare facility, or a government agency, multilingual contact centers provide the resources you need to connect with customers and clients on a global scale.

At Akorbi, we have multilingual contact centers around the world, including locations in the US, Latin American, Africa, and Asia. Here, we discuss some of the benefits of using an over the phone interpretation service.


Customer support centers are crucial components of several industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, hospitality, and insurance. To meet the needs of every customer, your support center should be multilingual. With over the phone interpretation, a customer can pick up the phone and receive the customer support they need, regardless of their native language. Quick and convenient, phone interpretation benefits both businesses and their clients. At Akorbi, we even offer support in rare languages, giving any customer access to your business.


Over the phone interpretation is known to be incredibly cost-effective. Instead of hiring your own on-site interpreters for customer support, you can receive all the help you need from a third party. This saves your business time, money, and hassle.

But phone interpretation is not limited to customer support. The service is also a great tool for business meetings. Instead of hiring an on-site interpreter at an hourly rate to interpret your business meeting, you can simply pick up the phone and have access to a wide range of multilingual services. With phone interpretation, you pay for the time you need and nothing more.

Over the Phone Interpretation at Akorbi

At Akorbi, we constantly look for new ways to cross language barriers and improve our over the phone interpretation services. In addition to inbound and outbound phone interpretation, we also offer email support, chat support, and video remote interpretation. Our interpreters have high English skill levels, as well as experience in a variety of fields, including IT, business, finance, and accounting. To better serve your business, we offer competitive rates and quality service.

Contact Akorbi

If you are looking for reliable, high-quality over the phone interpretation services at a competitive rate, look no further than Akorbi. Our multilingual contact centers have the ability to support over 170 languages, including rare languages. Our agents have outstanding customer support experience and an excellent understanding of US cultural norms and practices. To learn more about services, contact us today!

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