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Why Partner with a Multilingual Staffing Agency?

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Addressing the Growing Demand for Bilingual Employees

The Hiring Process

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)1, the American unemployment rate currently sits at 3.6%. There are now some 6 million unemployed individuals living in the United States, actively seeking employment. While this might be a much smaller number than in recent years, Glassdoor2 estimates that for every job that is posted, companies will receive roughly 250 applications. For companies without a human resources department, this is often an unmanageable and daunting workload. The process of hiring takes time and expends a lot of energy. In some cases, it can also become quite costly, tapping into extensive resources and manpower. Staff charged with the responsibility of hiring qualified candidates must not only draft and promote the job description, but must then weed through the candidate pool. There’s the screening process followed by lengthy interviews, verification of references, and criminal background checks – and this is all before the candidate officially steps through the company’s front door. For companies that just don’t have the time or the resources, partnering with a staffing agency might be the most logical solution.

Partnering with Multilingual Staffing Agencies

Businesses that make the executive decision to partner with a staffing agency will likely experience a more streamlined approach to the hiring process. As specialists in the affairs of all-things-recruitment-and-hiring, staffing agencies provide clients with an already vetted candidate pool that is sure to meet the clients’ needs. Whether your organization requires a temporary position filled, or is aiming for a long-term, trial, or even a direct hire, staffing agencies help you find the right people for the right positions. Staffing agencies also benefit the job seekers. Not only do they act as a bridge between the candidate and the hiring body, but they also offer opportunities to transition from temporary or part-time work into a full-time position. They provide training and feedback for candidates, and present them with job opportunities that are likely not publicly posted, giving candidates a competitive advantage. And while there is a long list of staffing agencies to choose from, in today’s global market, agencies that offer a bilingual (or even multilingual) candidate pool are in high demand. According to a recent Ipsos Public Affairs survey3, 90% of employers within the United States rely on “employees with language skills other than English, with one-third (32 percent) reporting a high dependency.” Not only did survey respondents indicate that this need has continued to increase in recent years, but that it is likely to continue to rise in the years ahead. Not surprisingly, the demand for employees who speak languages other than English (LOTE) isn’t exclusive to the domestic front. With many companies now doing business on a global scale, there is also a growing need to hire multilingual employees in order to strengthen a company’s international affairs. Not only have studies found that bilingual individuals possess superior communication skills and excel in multitasking, but they can also help companies expand their market reach at home and abroad. So, where do companies find this talent? According to the American Staffing Association (ASA)4, there are approximately 20,000 staffing agencies throughout the United States, “employing nearly 17 million temporary and contract employees per year.” The challenge then, isn’t in finding a staffing agency per se, but rather in finding one that can meet a company’s growing multilingual needs.

Akorbi’s Multilingual Staffing Solutions

Incorporated in 2003, Akorbi has now grown into a group of companies with one shared vision – helping clients achieve growth and success in the global economy. Akorbi’s multilingual staffing agency is just one of the many services Akorbi offers. Whether your company requires US-based or international staffing, Akorbi’s team, with 24/7 recruitment solutions, is ready to answer the call. Akorbi’s US-based recruiting team is honored to provide technical and professional, high-volume, multilingual staffing solutions for your domestic and global businesses. Offering a talented candidate pool in project management, localization, translation, interpreting, marketing, engineering, instructional design, healthcare, technology, legal, accounting and finance, retail and more, Akorbi’s impressive recruiting network identifies and recruits candidates with skills across virtually ever market segment. With a time-honored commitment to its clients, Akorbi focuses on a highly personalized approach in order to meet your company’s unique staffing needs. While some companies require temporary placements, contract, or contract-to-hire staffing solutions, others are eager to hire directly for full-time positions. Akorbi’s staffing agency not only excels in finding you the best candidates for your unique needs, but with an in-house human resources and compliance team, as well as an accounting department, Akorbi is strategically positioned to support administrative functions, custom billing expenses, and payroll.

First-Class Services

Over the years, Akorbi has successfully partnered with clients and has placed thousands of professionals across the country. Akorbi provides its clients with exceptional service, and their record speaks for itself.

US-based Recruiters

Our US recruiting staff understands the unique work-world within the United States, along with its customs and established practices. Offering payroll and a fully-functional HR team, Akorbi also supports the staffing hires well after they have been onboarded.

Industry Expertise

No job is too big or too small for Akorbi. With a proven track record working with large-scale deployments for many different industry verticals, Akorbi can confidently handle all of your recruitment needs.

Industry Certified

The Akorbi recruiting process is ISO 9001 certified, with a tried-and-true methodology as well as quality and compliance measures you can trust.

Compassionate Human Connections

Akorbi is committed to building compassionate human connections. As National Director of Client Partnership5, Cheryl Parker puts it, “We take the time. We don’t rush through efforts, and we listen. That is probably our biggest strength.”

Foster a Diverse Workforce with Akorbi’s Multilingual Staffing Solutions

Partnering with an experienced staffing agency not only reduces the stress involved in finding qualified candidates, but also reduces the risk of hiring individuals who just aren’t the right fit for the role, allowing you to gradually onboard contracted workers. In today’s global market however, the challenge isn’t just about finding the right talent, skill set, and experience — it’s also about finding qualified bilingual (or even multilingual) candidates — and that is where Akorbi shines. Place your trust in Akorbi’s experience and expertise. Our employment and placement specialists are sure to exceed all of your multilingual staffing expectations. Contact Akorbi today – www.akorbi.com/staffing _____________________________________________________ Created in partnership with GIM Writing Services.

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