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Why Over-the-Phone Interpretation Is Vital to Success

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Why Over-the-Phone Interpretation Is Vital to Success

Over-the-phone interpretation elevates your business in many ways. It adds an extra dimension to customer service and client relations when you have multilingual capabilities. Interpretation via phone reduces mistakes that may get lost in translation. It also instills confidence in your communication with your company’s customers and stakeholders in foreign markets. Akorbi explains why your over-the-phone interpretation is vital to your success.

Instant Feedback

Over-the-phone interpretation offers instant, real-time feedback. Everyone who participated in the meeting can refer back to their notes if they need to remember something that was said through an interpreter. Hearing the interpretation as it happens can help resolve questions and problems among parties.

Fixes Errors Right Away

Having a professional work with over-the-phone interpretation lets you fix any errors or mistakes right away. Especially in the healthcare industry, this type of problem-solving can save someone’s life. Not everyone may hear every word perfectly on the first pass when it comes to interpreting words in a foreign language. Anyone on both sides of the call can ask questions for clarification, whether a doctor is trying to diagnose a patient or your team is trying to come up with a new product.

Combine with Document Transcribing

Feel free to combine an over-the-phone interpretation session with transcription to get a clear picture of what’s going on. An interpreter can translate in real-time, while a transcriptionist can translate documents from one language to another as part of a follow-up process. A transcription lets all parties refer to the meeting notes in case there are any questions later. This is particularly useful in healthcare when someone needs to make an appointment or see a specialist at a later date.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation from Akorbi

Akorbi expands your interpretation and translation services in many ways. We offer over-the-phone interpretation, localization, ADAPT powered by Akorbi, staffing solutions, and multilingual contact center solutions. Contact us today or give us a call at 1-877-425-6724 to see what we can do for you.

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