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Why Multilingual Support Is Vital for Food Delivery Systems

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Akorbi offers a wide range of multilingual support services for a number of industries, including food and hospitality. We offer interpretation, translation, and localization services. In today’s blog from Akorbi, we talk about why multilingual support is vital for food delivery systems in the modern marketplace.

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Food Deliveries Are on the Rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way restaurants and grocery stores conduct business. Food delivery systems formed a vital link between people staying at home due to the pandemic while offering a way for restaurants and grocery stores to stay in business. As food deliveries rise, restaurants and grocery stores need accurate delivery systems to handle an expanded workload. 

Accurate Orders

You have two points of contact for food delivery systems: over-the-phone and online. You must get accurate orders verbally or through written communication as part of the first interaction you have with customers. Interpretation services become important for over-the-phone orders when your customers speak a different native language than your employees. Translation software works well for written orders. If something is misinterpreted or mistranslated, the order may not be accurate. Then you have to spend more labor costs on customer service, correcting the problem, cooking more food, offering refunds, or potentially losing customers.

ADAPT powered by Akorbi provides over-the-phone interpreters for multilingual support. We also offer translation services to make your menu available in many languages. Our staff works in more than 170 languages worldwide. 

Getting Directions Properly

You’ll need accurate directions to your customers’ place. Yes, there are maps and mapping software for that. But sometimes those aren’t accurate. Plus, apartment complexes can be confusing. An interpreter or translator can make verbal or written instructions clear for your employees as part of multilingual support.

Communication at the Point of Delivery

When your company drops off the food at the residence or business, your staff may interact with the customer directly. When there is a language barrier, you may need interpretation services. Your delivery person needs to know how much money to collect, if the order is accurate, and if he or she has arrived at the correct address.


Customer service doesn’t end after you deliver food. Happy customers may fill out reviews on various review websites. You’ll need multilingual support for content moderation when you write responses to positive and negative reviews. Akorbi’s translation services can help you interact with loyal customers after the sale.  

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Akorbi’s Multilingual Support

Akorbi’s multilingual support improves food delivery systems for grocery stores, meal kit distributors, nonprofits, and restaurants. We can help increase your sales per hour (SPH) and improve your customer service. Contact Akorbi online or call 1-877-4-AKORBI for more information on what we can do for you! Ask us about our case study for a global fresh food and meal kit delivery company.

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