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Why Localization is Important During a Disaster or Crisis Situation

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With an increase in natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as various political crises, it is vital to use language services to assist. In those types of situations, anxiety and panic run high, so it is critically important to relay information as quickly and as clearly as possible. One way to improve this communication is to make sure interpretation and translation services are localized. In today’s blog, Akorbi will explain localization and how it can help in a crisis.

What is Localization?

To understand its importance, it is necessary to understand what exactly localization is. Localization is adapting content, products, or communication methods to match what is used by the local culture. Often cultures have their way of speaking, slang, humor, and various mannerisms specific to them. For a message to come across properly, it helps match the cultural tone so that no meaning is lost or misconstrued.

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The Importance of Localization

Localization is important because it affects how a particular message is received. Often text cannot be just translated word-for-word and expected to have that same meaning in another language. You have to understand the nuances and culture behind the language to ensure the message is received with the intended purpose. This can be particularly critical in disaster or emergency situations where people need to be directed as to what to do to seek shelter, safety and avoid further panic.

Language localization also involves:

  • Using regional dialects and phrases.
  • Adding graphics or pictures that mimic the current cultural style.
  • Creating trust and reducing cultural conflict.

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Localization During Crisis Situations

Understanding localization can make it clear why it is essential during a natural or political disaster. During these times, panic and anxiety are high, so clear communication is critical to helping those in need. It is not a time in which a message can be misunderstood. Concise communication is essential to schools and universities, hospitals, financial institutions, government buildings, and other necessary services that benefit the general public. Localized language services can help these businesses and public service organizations give the best possible help to those already in a stressful situation.

Language localization is also comforting during unrest because people will be more open and receptive to what they know. A message that seems foreign and confusing will turn away those who may desperately need help. Additionally, a message with a local tone and meaning will be comforting and reduce panic.

Akorbi Provides Localization Services

Akorbi can assist with any language services. We specialize in building compassionate human connections through language, technology, and workforce solutions. Our worldwide contact centers provide multilingual support, bilingual agents, competitive rates, and exceptional quality. If you need translation or interpretation services, contact Akorbi today or call (214) 256-9222.

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