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What to Do When You Have Emojis in Your Content Moderation?

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The world advances daily as technology improves, and humans continue to innovate. The information available to all of us changes the minute a new piece of information finds its way onto the top listing of Google Search. 

Adaptation of communication flow and style is the surest way to thrive with these advances, in both personal and business atmospheres, instead of becoming susceptible to them. 

In today’s blog, the Akorbi Language Solution Team discusses the importance of embracing the rising phenomenon of emoji-based communication in the business world. 

Are Emojis Being Used At Work?


The Forbes article Emojis: An Essential Tool For Innovative Business Communication? analyzes emojis and their place in the business world. The 2019 Emoji Trend Report, published by Adobe, reports 61% of adults using emojis in the workplace. 

Additionally, this analysis expresses emojis as being extremely useful for employees who require assistance in expressing appropriate tone to other coworkers. In fact, Apple has worked in partnership with the American Council of the Blind, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and the National Association of the Deaf to create an array of inclusive and diverse emojis in the Emoji Index. 

How Do I Interpret Emojis in Work Emails/Texts?

The purpose of emoji usage is to support clarity in both tone and context in the correspondence between two individuals. However, receiving an emoji at work can be confusing, especially if the recipient does not understand that tone or context. Luckily, a government-funded website called Emojipedia provides all the information you need to interpret every single emoji listed within and supported by the Unicode Consortium. The Unicode Consortium is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that focuses on the regulation of language contextualization across all digital platforms. 

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So, You’re Saying I Can Look Up The Meaning of Any Emoji?

That’s correct! Emojis used across the world can be deciphered using this government-supported website. It is virtually impossible to misconstrue the meaning of any received emoji as long as one abides by the definitions provided in Emojipedia. This being said, all social groups have their own way of adapting popular emojis. Using discretion when sending them and interpreting emojis is of the utmost importance.

How Do I know What Emojis Are Appropriate To Use At Work?

Knowing how to walk the line in pictographic communication is especially important in business communication. The Harvard Business Review article The Dos and Don’ts of Work Email, from Emojis to Typos emphasizes the effective use of behavior mimicry. The article cites an experimental social psychology journal that does a feature on behavioral mimicry in support of the opinion that those who follow in the behavioral footsteps of someone they want to build interpersonal trust with, are more likely to succeed in building that trust. 

In terms of emojis, appropriate etiquette involves mimicking the tone of emojis used by the individual that sends them first. In other words, let the person you are communicating with decide whether or not emoji usage is appropriate, and in that conversation keep to the socially acceptable emojis: 🙂😂🤣👍🏼👏🏼💯✔️all of these emojis emphasize a productive, positive, and personable context within the conversation. If they send you an emoji you might be confused by, a quick search of Emojipedia will help greatly in deciphering the context of emoji you receive.

Help With Your Content Moderation From Akorbi 

The Akorbi team is dedicated to helping you decipher all linguistic confusions, as our passion comes from delivering accurate interpretations and translations for all levels of communication. Business communication in the context of emojis is a recent, but continually developing phenomenon. Learning what resources are available to you as you navigate the ever-changing world of technology is important to the success of you and your business.  Contact Akorbi online or call 1-877-4-AKORBI for more information.

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