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What Our Compliance Services Do for You

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Companies in highly regulated industries often utilize yearly procedures to ensure staffers remain up-to-date on the latest regulations and compliance services they should follow. Industries like banking and health care have all of these, plus the requirement of web accessibility for those using their sites to ensure inclusivity for all. 

In today’s blog, experts with Akorbi’s compliant language solutions team will cover exactly what compliance is and why it is so necessary.


Compliance in the world of translation services focuses on web accessibility and how easily people can interact with your web presence and website. In the case of Akorbi, an entire team is devoted to web accessibility since 20% of internet users require some form of assistance when utilizing the web. 

Akorbi emphasizes work with native speakers and industry experts to produce accurate, high-quality language solutions. All linguists with Akorbi are trained in Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Affordable Care Act (ACA) Section 508, ACA Section 1557, PCI, PHI, and HIPAA compliance. This ensures that all content on our client’s sites abide by up-to-date federal regulations. This promotes web accessibility for everyone seeking answers online and legality for our clients.

Areas of Focus

Large Print 

Ensuring individuals can see the wording on your site is a top priority in terms of web accessibility. Using a clear font that can be enlarged when adapting personal computer settings remains the key.


Adding subtitles to web videos/clips in the viewer’s native language is highly important. Some individuals viewing content might not be fully versed in the language in the video. This barrier could cause problems in understanding the content and carrying out next steps towards converting a customer.


The process of identifying the root cause of non-compliance in an organization is called remediation. This process, if addressed correctly, can help identify holes in your web accessibility and fix them. For web accessibility, native speaker testers determine your website’s compliance status.

Plain Text 

Complicated text can cause confusion for individuals reading text in a second or non-native language. Part of compliance is ensuring that plain and easy-to-read text is available to the viewer.

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Ask Akorbi About Compliance

The Akorbi team dedicates itself to building an atmosphere within your globalizing organization by keeping you informed of issues related to language services. Through our process of compliance, we help to identify holes in web accessibility and then help you remediate them, which ultimately will make your company better. 

Learning what resources are available to you as you navigate the ever-changing world of technology and language is important to the success of you and your business.  Contact Akorbi online or call 1-877-4-AKORBI for more information.


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