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What Is the Difference Between BPO and Call Centers?

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and call centers are beneficial for many businesses, especially international companies. Each serves a unique purpose. But ultimately, many call centers fall under the umbrella of BPO. That being said, businesses may get the two things confused. In today’s blog post, Akorbi discusses the most significant differences between BPO and call centers.

What Is BPO?

BPO is a type of outsourcing that focuses on business processes that are essential but don’t typically have a direct impact on the vision or overall business model of the company itself. For example, BPO includes services like customer service, human resources, or accounting. BPO services involve third-party entities working on behalf of businesses to complete these tasks. When you utilize BPO, you free up more time and effort to focus on tasks that are essential to your core business model because you outsource non-essential operations of your business. Outsourcing to a company that’s an expert in a particular area helps prevent errors that might occur when employees are asked to do tasks they aren’t trained to do.

What Are Call Centers?

Call centers are one of the many third-party contractors used for BPO services. For instance, it is common to see call centers used for customer service. There are several types of call centers, including inbound call centers that focus on calls from customers, typically providing support, services, or sales over the phone. Outbound call centers do the opposite, making outgoing calls to potential or existing customers rather than receiving them. These are also typically focused on support, services, and sales, but they also include things like customer satisfaction surveys and service renewals.

Why Do the Differences Matter?

There are many different types of BPO services, and they are not exclusively call centers. While call centers do play an essential role in many of these services, tasks such as human resources and accounting are not done through call centers. When searching for BPO solutions, it’s essential to understand this before investing in something that isn’t right for your business.  

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