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What Is Localization?

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What Is Localization Exactly?

If your professional field involves language services, you have likely heard the term localization. At its core, localization is the process of adapting content or products to a specific market or region. This is relevant for a lot of different applications, and translation is always a key part of the process. However, translation and localization are also often confused. In today’s blog post, Akorbi will take a look at exactly what localization is.

Why Localization Is Confusing

Because translation plays such a key role, it is often confused with localization. With translation, the process includes changing the original language of the content or product into a different language. This is often used for web content, but it can also be used for different things. That is a very important aspect of the localization process, but translation services are much too broad to be explained as the same thing. The localizing process is much more specialized, focusing on regional and local changes to the language.

Why It Is Important

Translation is the natural first step because for content to be localized, it has to be in the correct language. However, for content to be the most successful, it has to be geared for local consumption. While the language might be consistent in some areas, individual regions and local areas have different linguistic tendencies. That is very important when conveying specific messages if you want your content to be high quality and effective.

What You Need To Know

If your business creates content or has a strong international web presence, localization will be very important for you. Here are a few valuable things that you need to know about what the process includes:

  • Graphics that are specifically designed for target markets
  • Conversion of currencies and units of measurement to fit regional preferences
  • Services for marketing, products, and training materials.

Contact Akorbi for More Tips and Information

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