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What Is ADAPT Powered By Akorbi?

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When it comes to interpretation services, accessibility has always been a problem. For modern businesses that require multilingual service with rapid turnaround, there needs to be a simple software platform that makes services and completed work easily accessible.

Akorbi has developed a multimodal language services platform called ADAPT that allows our clients to access services, including phone, video, document translation, and localization. In today’s blog post, Akorbi will take a closer look at ADAPT and explain what it is.

What Does ADAPT Do?

ADAPT essentially makes it possible to utilize multilingual services and completed work from those services with a simple one-stop platform. This platform is easy to use across both desktop and mobile devices, making it simple for businesses and organizations to access the services they need. This technology also makes it easy to connect people across the globe, meaning that people anywhere from Africa to Asia to Canada can easily connect with a medical provider in New York or Los Angeles.

What Applications Or Industries Can It Be Used For?

The most common industry that ADAPT technology powered by Akorbi is used for is the medical industry. Healthcare providers can use this Akorbi technology to make scheduling and billing more efficient, allowing providers to spend more time with patients. However, ADAPT can also be used for any business that needs to connect with customers or clients who speak different languages.

ADAPT offers the ability for you to communicate through audio call or video call, translate written content, and even schedule an on-site interpreter.

What Benefits Does ADAPT Provide?

ADAPT provides many benefits for businesses, but here are a few of the biggest benefits:


ADAPT allows you to easily integrate your data with external systems and applications. Some of these external systems include healthcare EMR systems, QA systems, and accounting applications.

Real-Time Data

As noted previously, it is vital for businesses and health care providers to have easy accessibility to interpretation systems like ADAPT. This technology by Akorbi allows you to collect and interpret data in real-time and evaluate the success of these systems.


Your business must consider financial efficiency, whether you operate in the engineering industry or in the healthcare industry. ADAPT technology will make your business more cost-effective, with affordable and accessible translation services that save you time and money.

Contact Akorbi for More Information on ADAPT

If you are looking for a multimodal language services platform, Akorbi is here to help with our revolutionary ADAPT technology. For more information on this technology, give us a call at (214) 256-9222 or contact us online today.

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