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What Is a Low-Code Application? RunMyProcess by Akorbi Digital Explains

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At Akorbi, we eagerly anticipate innovations with our recent acquisition of RunMyProcess, a powerful low-code platform that delivers cost-effective apps. By collaborating with the teams at RunMyProcess, Akorbi Digital will create and provide new digital capabilities to worldwide clients.

But what is a low-code application, and what are the benefits of this app for Akorbi customers? We explain more below..

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What is a low-code application?

A low-code application is an app built using a visual development environment and tools like drag-and-drop modelers that reduce the need to write code. Essentially, they speed up the development process.

Unlike the name seems to imply, low-code applications are not less potent than those created with traditional development methods. Instead, they’re just as powerful, and they enable developers to create more apps faster and more efficiently.

What are the benefits?

Regardless of the type of industry or the use case, there are many benefits of low-code applications for organizations. For example, they:

  • Improve customer experience: With low-code apps, organizations can provide information and tools faster, quickly adapting to customers’ needs and market changes.
  • Decrease business expenses: Companies won’t have to hire as many developers because low-code development is faster and more efficient, reducing the need for more developers.
  • Offer an easier transition into today’s digital world: For companies that want to make the jump into today’s modern business apps, low-code development provides a cost-effective, fast, and easy way to adapt to the needs of today’s customers.
  • Improve workflow and communication: With the right low-code app, organizations can streamline their business operations with improved communication, workflow, policy and regulatory compliance, and more.

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We are developing digital solutions for the global economy

The team at Akorbi Digital is excited to offer a less complex way for enterprise-level businesses to leverage technologies like low-code applications to improve their business operations and provide better services to their customers. For more information, please call 1-877-4-AKORBI or contact us online.

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